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Reuters - McGill study: Mom's age at puberty may influence kids' size

Why are some children taller than others? It seems their height might be linked at least partly to how old - or young - their mom was when she got her first menstrual period. A new study suggests that the earlier a woman reached this milestone of puberty, called menarche, the slightly faster her kids will grow.

Published: 1 Jul 2010

The Mark - Canada's balanced capitalism

Desautels Faculty of Management professor Karl Moore, in video, on how Canada occupies the precious middle ground between "red meat capitalism" on the right and risky deficit spending on the left.

Published: 28 Jun 2010

Panorama des universités

McGill : Considérée comme l'un des établissements les plus prestigieux du Canada, l'université anglophone McGill est aussi la plus ancienne du Québec. Mondialement réputée pour la qualité de l'enseignement et l'excellence de ses programmes, McGill se place au 18e rang des meilleures universités au monde, d'après le THE pour l'année 2009. L'Express http://www.lexpress.fr/emploi-carriere/panorama-

Published: 28 Jun 2010

L'Express - Des universités qui cliques

Impossible de s'endormir pendant les cours d'Ariel Fenster! Professeur de chimie à l'université McGill, à Montréal, ce Français d'origine n'est pas seulement un redoutable communicateur. Il sait aussi jouer des nouvelles technologies pour captiver son auditoire.

Published: 28 Jun 2010

ABC - The remarkable story of H.M. Remembering the man without memory

Afflicted with amnesia after brain surgery, he became a man who lived in the perpetual present, and the most famous patient of 20th century neuroscience. Join Natasha Mitchell for a powerful posthumous encounter with HM's legacy and his brain, which continues to offer remarkable insights into the machinations of human memory. [Guests include Professor Brenda Milner, Dorothy J. Killam Professor of

Published: 28 Jun 2010

Globe and Mail - The First Ladies primary job for wives of G20 leaders: Do no harm

This weekend, the spouses of the G20 leaders will nibble on local fruit at the top of the CN Tower, learn how to bead moccasins from Algonquin leaders and put on their most-practised smiles for the competing flash bulbs of photographers. But their more important task is to uphold the unofficial Hippocratic oath of the political spouse: Do no harm. Spouses may have greater influence than ever on th

Published: 28 Jun 2010

The Gazette - The ludicrous tale of 'crazy water crystals'

(Joe Schwarcz's column in Sunday's Gazette): "Science finds, industry applies, Man conforms." That was the rather imaginative motto chosen for the Chicago World's Fair of 1933. People flocked to see exciting new cars, colourful light displays, novel building materials and the "Chamber of Horrors." But this chamber was not on the midway; the horrors there, at least as far as prissy Chicagoans were

Published: 28 Jun 2010

Edmonton Journal - Sharing secrets of the beautiful game

Over the last century, soccer has evolved into an extremely high-intensity sport -- very few sports are played on such a large field, or last as long without regular rest periods. It's a fast-paced sport requiring both endurance and agility, as well as strength and speed. An elite player may expend 1,500 to 1,700 calories and run up to 12 kilometres a game. McGill University kinesiologist Dilson R

Published: 28 Jun 2010

Globe and Mail: From magic trick to medical treatment

Before he was a neuroscientist, Amir Raz was a magician. He regularly performed stage shows to finance his university studies, but resisted introducing hypnosis to his act because he didn’t understand the science underlying the crowd-pleasing stunt... Dr. Raz, a researcher at McGill University, he is one of a small but growing number of brain scientists giving hypnosis serious attention.

Published: 25 Jun 2010

BusinessWeek - Mouse Study Sheds Light on Diabetes-Heart Disease Link

A potential link between diabetes and a heightened risk of heart disease and sudden cardiac death has been spotted by researchers studying mice. In the new study, published in the June 24 issue of the journal Neuron, the investigators found that high blood sugar prevents critical communication between the brain and the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary activities in the body.

Published: 24 Jun 2010

The Gazette - 24 Quebecers we love

Brenda Milner: At 91, the grande dame of cognitive neuroscience -she is a researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute - is still reaping honours. In the past year: the 2010 lifetime achievement award by the Society of Experimental Psychologists for her work on memory; a runner-up for Canada's prestigious Herzberg science medal; and an honorary doctorate from UQAM.

Published: 23 Jun 2010

CNN - Is your desk job bad for your health?

The hazards of sitting all day long--whether you're staring at a computer screen at work or watching TV on the couch at home--are better understood now than ever. In recent years, researchers have linked too much sitting to back pain, repetitive stress injuries, obesity, and even an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease… Good posture is also important for avoiding stress and strain at work,

Published: 22 Jun 2010

CBC - Sask. dinosaur industry lags, experts say

McGill paleontologist Hans Larsson says Saskatchewan has rich dinosaur fossil deposits, comparable to Alberta's.

Published: 21 Jun 2010

The Gazette - What's Next for the Montreal Neuro?

A healing garden, a cafeteria as good as the city's best museum bistro, perhaps a lounge with interactive games that both distract and engage the minds of patients and their loved ones.

Published: 19 Jun 2010

The Gazette - He's chasing a Holy Grail... at 16

Science whiz's dream: a Nobel; Marymount student has a mess of medals, but makes time for other stuff, too... Though he just finished Grade 10, Abicumaran Uthamacumaran's already talking about continuing his research to the Ph. D. level. His life's goal is a Nobel Prize in medicine.

Published: 18 Jun 2010