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Métro - Pour un peu de campagne en ville

La première ferme Lufa, située sur le toit d’un immeuble de bureaux, permettra de fournir à 2000 personnes des légumes frais et locaux Il s’agit d’une ferme de 31 000 pi2 au cœur de la ville.

Published: 13 Feb 2011

The National - Symphony by the numbers

Mathematical sequences in music help us to understand why some songs evoke a physical reaction…

Published: 13 Feb 2011

La Presse - L'amour maternal est éternel

Dès les premières années de la vie, l'amour des parents, tout particulièrement celui de la mère, inscrit son empreinte dans le cerveau des enfants. Rendus adultes, les enfants les plus chouchoutés sont moins malades et réagissent mieux au stress.

Published: 12 Feb 2011

London Free Press, Washington Post - Music helps define the tone

Missing elements within many of the spirituality essays carried by newspapers are made evident in a little book by Daniel Levitin, a professor of psychology and neuro-science at McGill University.

Published: 12 Feb 2011

Montreal Gazette - Storax facts: From perfume to styrofoam

(Chemistry prof Joe Schwarcz:) "I had never heard of "storax" until the word caught my ear while watching Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. Based on Patrick Suskind's 1985 novel, it's a fascinating film, especially for anyone interested in chemistry."

Published: 12 Feb 2011

Huffington Post - Food for thought: Can design in food reach new potentials?

"The interest on investigating the potential for architecture in defining experiences that are not only visual or formal, but that engage multiple senses at once has also formally entered the academic circles and curriculum at schools of architecture."

Published: 12 Feb 2011

Financial Post - MBA: McGill's Desautels given $1 million for state-of-the-art trading room

Students at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management in Montreal will soon have a state-of-the-art trading room installed in the faculty’s building. Desautels began construction of the Business Intelligence Centre on the second floor of its Sherbrooke Street building, replacing the conventional business library.

Published: 11 Feb 2011

Globe and Mail - Talking Management: Tim Hortons and Fair Trade

Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management speaks to Don Schroeder, CEO of one of Canada’s great iconic brands, Tim Hortons.

Published: 9 Feb 2011

Montreal Gazette, et al. - HIV denial is fatal

(Op-Ed by Norbert Gilmore, professor of medicine [emeritus] at McGill University and a senior physician at the MUHC): "How I wish that the opinion article 'Junk science and AIDS' by Terry Michael (Gazette, Feb. 5) had begun: "Once upon a time there was a wicked journalist preying on sick and dying people ..."

Published: 9 Feb 2011

Montreal Gazette - Looks can be deceiving

The motorist was so startled he pulled out a camera and recorded video of what he saw: steel wires, which were supposed to be providing structural support to a concrete beam, were dangling under the elevated highway. Minutes later, nearing the Mercier Bridge, he drove over another unnerving roadway--an overpass that appears to be held up by scaffolding, steel beams and blocks of wood…

Published: 9 Feb 2011

Globe and Mail - How Canadian researchers hope to delay onset of Alzheimer's

A gene that plays a role in memory and learning also shapes the architecture of the aging brain in ways that may make people more vulnerable to Alzheimer's disease, a team of Toronto researchers has discovered…

Published: 9 Feb 2011

McGill opening free dental clinic at Welcome Hall Mission

The Gazette: McGill is putting money where the mouth is. On Friday, McGill's Faculty of Dentistry and the Welcome Hall Mission will celebrate the official opening of the Jim Lund Dental Clinic, which provides free basic dental care to low-income families, homeless men and women and new immigrants enrolled in programs at the shelter.

Published: 9 Feb 2011

MSNBC - Breastfeeding linked to fewer seizures in kids

Babies that are breastfed may have fewer seizures after they're a year old, according to a recent study in Denmark. And the longer babies are breastfed, the better, the researchers found.

Published: 7 Feb 2011

Financial Post - The race for skilled workers; The competition for top employees is heating up even as companies eschew old training methods

Human resource management in the 21st century presents challenges not addressed by conventional thinking about recruitment, staffing and retention. The days when workers spent 40 or more years with one employer are gone, and employees have more mobility, and access to more information, than ever before, forcing Canadian executives to adapt to meet these challenges…

Published: 4 Feb 2011

Cités Nouvelles - Des bûcherons de compétition!

Le campus Macdonald de McGill accueille le 51e Concours interuniversitaire annuel du Championnat canadien de bûcheronnage… Les chemises à carreaux, chapeaux en mouton, haches, scies à chaîne et gros billots empilés étaient à l’honneur au campus Macdonald de McGill le samedi, 29 janvier dernier.

Published: 3 Feb 2011