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Montreal Gazette - New test predicts cancer relapse: McGill researchers find link to genes

A group of Montreal researchers and their U.S. colleagues have discovered a new, highly accurate genetic test that can predict whether some women with breast cancer will suffer a relapse. The test is reported to be superior than an existing test, and has the potential to spare women at a very low risk of relapse of breast cancer from undergoing toxic chemotherapy.

Published: 29 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette (column) - Opera at McGill enters new phase with La Bohème

"Now we can do Elektra," commented a faculty humorist at the opening ofthe Opera McGill production of La Bohème on Wednesday night. It was an arcane reference, but I got it instantly.

Published: 29 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette - Muslims, Jews leap past barriers

They came, Jewish and Muslim teens from English and French backgrounds, to meet and discover for themselves what keeps them apart.

Published: 29 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette - Rutherford's alchemy solved atom's mystery

He was the first to achieve the alchemists' dream of changing one element into another, yet he wasn't an alchemist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry, but he wasn't a chemist. The work for which he received the Prize was carried out in Canada, but he wasn't a Canadian...

Published: 29 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette (blog) - McGill's John Lydon — What's love got to do with it?

What is it about that love that causes such monumental highs and calamitous lows? What makes us care so much? Or not enough. On Friday, February 4 at 5 p.m. join John Lydon, a psychology professor at McGill University, at the Redpath Museum, as he attempts to unravel the science of close human relationships with "The Psych of Love: Is Love a big equilateral triangle?"

Published: 28 Jan 2011

Chronicle-Herald - Believe it or not... winters are milder

Here's a warm thought for Canadians complaining about the cold: the winters here are not nearly as frigid as they once were. A climate historian from McGill University warns against drawing knee-jerk conclusions about global warming based on one set of numbers - but he calls it an "impressive set of data" and says it supports other climate research.

Published: 25 Jan 2011

CBC, et al. - $1M grant to McGill scientist for parasite fight

Parasitic disease treatment research received a $1-million Canadian grant on Monday aimed at tackling the serious global health issue.

Published: 24 Jan 2011

Métro - Les mœurs des cyclistes et des piétons scrutées

Les habitudes de déplacement des Montréalais pourraient être scrutées à la loupe d’ici quelques mois par le Laboratoire de sécurité mobile pour le transport non motorisé.

Published: 24 Jan 2011

The Globe and Mail - When violence explodes in the workplace

The attack by a deranged gunman on U.S. congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in a Tucson crowd occurred in a public setting, but it was also a workplace disaster. Ms. Giffords and her staff - one of whom was among the six people killed, two of whom were among the 13 injured - were on the job when they were gunned down. Violence in the workplace isn't uncommon, even in Canada.

Published: 17 Jan 2011

Postmedia papers - Freezing the tick tick tock of the biological clock

Proponents of egg freezing say the technique is the greatest advance in female reproductive choice since the Pill. Critics say it is unproven and will only encourage women to push back motherhood to a point when the risks for mother and child are greater. Sharon Kirkey reports.

Published: 17 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette - What McDonald's chicken nuggets really contain

(Joe Schwarcz, director, McGill University Office for Science and Society): "…let me make clear that I am no fan of processed foods. The number of times I've eaten chicken nuggets can be counted on the toes of one chicken. But that's not because of any fear of multi-syllabic ingredients; it is the high fat and salt content that turns me off. So what are Chicken McNuggets really made of? Chicken!"

Published: 17 Jan 2011

Washington Post - Musical stairs: Listening to the secret music of metro's run-down escalators

There's a secret jazz seeping from Washington's aging Metro escalators - those anemic metal walkways that fill our transit system with a crooked approximation of Ornette Coleman. Like human breath pushing through polished brass, they honk and bleat and squawk and... why are you still wearing those earbuds?

Published: 17 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette - The painted brain: How our lives colour our mind

Can early traumatic experiences leave a mark like a splash of paint on the DNA in your brain, and cause mental illness later in life?

Published: 16 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette - A way for families to 'make some sense of the loss'

When the Quebec Suicide Brain Bank learns about a potential candidate for brain donation, specially trained staff from the bank contact the family. A research assistant begins by establishing that the family member he is speaking to is not in crisis.

Published: 16 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette - Donations fill the bank

For 30 years, the Quebec Brain Bank has been collecting brains and distributing the tissues to scientists eager to understand the origins of brain diseases, from dementia to depression…

Published: 16 Jan 2011