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Toronto Star - Ten women who made a difference

On the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, Jennifer Hunter of the Star's editorial board selects the 10 most influential Canadian women of the past century…

Published: 8 Mar 2011

Globe and Mail - Folic acid fights cancer

A diet that is low in folic acid - a B vitamin also known as folate - could set the stage for colorectal cancer, according to researchers at McGill University in Montreal.

Published: 7 Mar 2011

Globe and Mail - Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan suffer high rate of brain trauma

Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan were hospitalized for traumatic brain injury between 2006 and 2009 at almost three times the rate of Americans fighting there in earlier years before the war escalated, according to a National Defence study obtained by The Globe and Mail…

Published: 7 Mar 2011

BBC - Tony Blair's global 'battle of ideas'

Tony Blair: "We adjust or we are swept away"...

Published: 7 Mar 2011

Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, et al. - Map reveals climate change injustice

Climate change will have the greatest effect on those least responsible for causing the problem, a new study suggests.

Published: 6 Mar 2011

Postmedia - The 'physical,' a dying art

In an age of MRIs and CT scans, the physical exam is becoming a dying art. Sharon Kirkey discovers what's being lost - from an ability to diagnose to the human touch that says: 'You are more than a broken body to me. You matter.'

Published: 5 Mar 2011

Montreal Gazette - Heal thyself by finger pointing

(Chemistry prof Joe Schwarcz): "Picture a man getting up from a chair and proceeding to point at different parts of his body in a seemingly predetermined sequence, sometimes using his index finger, sometimes his middle finger..."

Published: 5 Mar 2011

Maxiscience - Cartographier les incidences des changements climatiques sur l'humain

Un doctorant de l’Université McGill à Montréal vient de réaliser une grande première : cartographier l'incidence des changements climatiques sur les populations humaines. La mappemonde révèle que les habitants des régions les moins responsables risquent de subir le plus ces modifications.

Published: 4 Mar 2011

Discover - Exposing the memory engine: The story of PKMzeta

We’re used to the idea that we become more forgetful with age. As time passes, our memories naturally fade and weaken, and that’s if we’re lucky enough to avoid traumatic accidents or diseases like Alzheimer’s. But Reut Shema, from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, has found a possible way of preventing this decline, and even reversing it…

Published: 4 Mar 2011

CNN - Libya's tribes rise up against Gadhafi

Soon after the Libyan rebellion escalated, a senior member of the nation's powerful Warfallah tribe announced it would no longer support Moammar Gadhafi, saying that "he is no longer a brother."…

Published: 4 Mar 2011

The Independent - The man who went nuclear: How Ernest Rutherford ushered in the atomic age

It was during a meeting of the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society that the nuclear age was announced, on Tuesday, 7 March 1911, by Professor Ernest Rutherford, the 39-year-old head of physics at Manchester University.

Published: 3 Mar 2011

The Economist - MBA diary: Chaos theory

Last [week], MBA students from Canada’s McGill University travelled to India to investigate business, culture and national competitiveness. Here one of them, Melanie Walsh, says that six-sigma management theory is thriving among the dabbawalas of Mumbai.

Published: 3 Mar 2011

Globe and Mail - 136 candles for everyone's favourite game

This should get the fine people of Windsor, N.S., good and riled: today is the 136th anniversary of the first organized hockey game ever played, in a rink just a block or two from where the Bell Centre currently stands. So all together now, happy birthday to youuuuuu!

Published: 3 Mar 2011

Maclean's - Job interview? Here are some hints

Gregg Blachford, director of career planning at McGill University, says the winning formula for job interviews is to “know yourself, know the employer, and make the match.”

Published: 3 Mar 2011

Forbes - In Wisconsin are public workers overpaid or underpaid?

(Reuven Brenner, Repap Chair at McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management): "As an employee signing a contractual agreement, your best alternative determines your negotiating power. If you are offered $100,000, a bonus, pension plan, health benefits, career path, severance payment and so forth, you can readily compare this to your alternatives and then decide…"

Published: 3 Mar 2011