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Montreal Gazette - An urban harvest cook-off that's ripe with community spirit

It's a Thursday evening, and chefs from five local restaurants (Serafim, Lola Rosa, Crudessence, Fuchsia and Santropol Roulant) have one hour to harvest vegetables and cook a meal from the garden on McGill's downtown campus.

Published: 8 Sep 2010

Montreal Gazette - Sustaining McGill: Old Macdonald had an eco farm

Sustainability is growing on McGill -- and students at Macdonald already have the callouses to prove it.

Published: 7 Sep 2010

Schulich School of Music - Cecilia String Quartet wins 1st prize at the 10th Banff International String Quartet Competition (BISQC)

Following their residency at the Schulich School of Music under the supervision of professor André Roy and their participation at the 1st McGill International String Quartet Academy (MISQA), the Cecilia Quartet won the prestigious competition, competing with nine of the world’s finest emerging string quartets from France, Germany, Russia, Canada and United States.

Published: 6 Sep 2010

Montreal Gazette - Youth prone to imitate risky behaviour: expert

Car-surfers -mostly males aged 15 to 19 -are largely "modelling or copycatting" the kinds of high-risk behaviour that shot to prominence with the 2002 movie Jackass and a steady stream of imitative YouTube videos of often "really dangerous" stunts, a Montreal expert said yesterday.

Published: 2 Sep 2010

Scientific American - If the world is going to hell, why are humans doing so well?

For decades, apocalyptic environmentalists (and others) have warned of humanity's imminent doom, largely as a result of our unsustainable use of and impact upon the natural systems of the planet. Yet, at the exact same time, humanity has never been better. So which is it: Are these the best of times or the worst of times?

Published: 1 Sep 2010

The Globe and Mail - Sluggish economy sparks worry

The Canadian economy grew more slowly through the spring and early summer than expected, raising fresh concerns about the strength of the economic recovery. The latest GDP report from Statistics Canada, released Tuesday, also cast doubt on whether the Bank of Canada will continue raising interest rates.

Published: 1 Sep 2010

canada.com - Some preemie babies 'give up' to blunt repeated pain

Premature babies are repeatedly exposed to painful invasive procedures, yet only 36 per cent of premature babies in Canada get pain relief, according to Celeste Johnston, a McGill University nursing professor and expert in neonatal pain. These babies "give up" to blunt the pain, Johnston said in an interview at the 13th World Congress on Pain that ends Thursday in Montreal.

Published: 1 Sep 2010

LA Times - Diabetes drug holds hope for lung cancer fight

A popular drug that is used by millions of diabetics around the world significantly decreases tobacco-induced lung tumours in mice, a study published Wednesday found.

Published: 1 Sep 2010

Toronto Star - What if The Beatles had just let it be?

Forty years ago the Beatles called it quits. Looking back, McGill prof Will Straw thinks the timing was perfect.

Published: 1 Sep 2010

Montreal Gazette - McGill researchers make 'quantum dot' leap with electronic devices

Consumers could be buying even smaller iPods, cellphones and computers in less than a decade as new research from McGill University suggests nearly invisible nano-particles will transform everyday electronics. Scientists in Montreal are the first in the world to look at "quantum dots" - tiny particles discovered about a decade ago by U.S. researchers - and their effect on electronic devices.

Published: 31 Aug 2010

Montreal Gazette - Montreal conferences tackles wincing issue of pain

Decades after McGill University psychologist Ronald Melzack's pioneer collection of 78 "pain words" became the McGill Pain Questionnaire — burning, stabbing, flickering, pulsing, radiating and nauseating, to name a few — scientists still puzzle over why some people develop chronic pain while others are spared.

Published: 30 Aug 2010

BBC World - HM: The man who couldn't remember

Story behind the classic case in psychological research. Interview with the MNI/MNH's Dr. Brenda Milner.

Published: 30 Aug 2010

BBC News - Marijuana effective in reducing pain, study shows

A team of Montreal researchers has lent scientific credibility to the view that smoking marijuana can ease chronic neuropathic pain and help patients sleep better.

Published: 30 Aug 2010

The Globe and Mail - A push for human rights

A few years ago, after retiring from a law practice, Gordon Echenberg and his wife, Penny, donated $1-million to McGill to establish regular conferences on human rights.

Published: 30 Aug 2010

Montreal Gazette - A big new beginning; The excitement of the next level of school outweighs the anxiety

In the first month of school, university students have to buy books, start classes, and get a handle on the workload and reading expectations, said Leslie Copeland, the first-year coordinator at McGill University.

Published: 30 Aug 2010