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National Post - Critics blast new study that suggests ESP is real

A new U.S. study that suggests extrasensory perception—also known as ESP—may be real is causing a stir in academic circles ahead of its publication in a prominent journal of psychology.

Published: 10 Jan 2011

CBC, Reuters, et al. - Private ICU rooms could cut infection rates: study

Converting the intensive care units in hospitals to private rooms could greatly reduce rates of hospital-acquired infections, new research suggests.

Published: 10 Jan 2011

CTV - Fainstat's last gift was himself

Michael Fainstat's decision to donate his body to McGill University for dissection and training of medical students reflected a life that was devoted to public service and pragmatic as well as principled action.

Published: 9 Jan 2011

Globe and Mail - Dr. Brinkley's Stem Lotion & Magic Elixir

It's a global gold rush - clinics and cosmetics companies offering miraculous results using stem cells. They sound too good to be true, and that's probably because they're not true, scientists say. Worse, no one knows the health risks.

Published: 8 Jan 2011

CTV - Dozens of pigeons found dead on farm near Quebec City

Reports of dead birds falling from the sky have made headlines across the world this week, and now authorities are investigating a similar mystery near Quebec City after a farmer found about 80 dead pigeons on his property… David Bird, a McGill wildlife biologist, doesn't expect the lab results will be all that dramatic.

Published: 7 Jan 2011

Toronto Star - A faith magazine for the 'un-churchable'

There’s a regular feature called Sinner’s Corner, in which readers look for guidance in their ethical struggles, as in: can an environmentalist play golf in good conscience? A recent issue looked at body image and discrimination against fat people; another reported on 30 sermons that would never be heard in church. More recently, a two-page spread focused on “police brutality” at the G20 summit.

Published: 7 Jan 2011

Toronto Star - WikiLeaks has human rights activists on alert

The U.S. State Department has put hundreds of human rights activists, foreign government officials and business people on notice that they may be outed by a new outpouring of WikiLeaks cables. Washington’s worry is a sign that even in the electronic age, old-fashioned human contact is still vital to both diplomats and those seeking justice in repressive countries.

Published: 7 Jan 2011

Montreal Gazette (blog) - Marianne Douglas and climate change in the Canadian Arctic at McGill

"Arctic regions are experiencing high degrees of environmental change, including thinning of arctic sea ice, increased deposition of airborne pollutants as well as evidence of a longer growing season," says Marianne Douglas, director of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute and a professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at the University of Alberta.

Published: 7 Jan 2011

Talking Management: The multi-stakeholder approach

Globe and Mail: Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management, Talking Management for The Globe, speaks to Michael Beer who is a senior professor at the Harvard Business School.

Published: 3 Jan 2011

Cholera in Haiti: An epidemic waiting to happen

History News Network: (Myron Echenberg, Professor Emeritus of History at McGill and the author of "Africa in the Time of Cholera: A History of Pandemics from 1815 to the Present"): "…The ongoing, and predictable, disaster in Haiti follows similar massive outbreaks in Peru in 1991, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 1994, in South Africa in 2000, and in Zimbabwe in 2008..."

Published: 3 Jan 2011

Corruption a useful political weapon in Quebec

Toronto Star: (Op-Ed by Desmond Morton, founding director of McGill University's Institute for the Study of Canada and author of A Short History of Canada): "For many in Quebec this has been a year of memories. Fifty years ago, in 1960, a newly elected Jean Lesage launched his Liberal government on what would later be described as “a quiet revolution.” By 1970, Quebecers had spent millions..."

Published: 3 Jan 2011

McGill University researchers show off lunar rover prototype with unique i-ring wheels

Engadget, Popular Science, Radio-Canada: "...it looks like some folks at McGill University in Montreal, Canada have also been taking a similar approach to quite literally reinvent the wheel.

Published: 3 Jan 2011

Power of one: Water ways

CTV Montreal: When Guy Futi decided to begin a water bottle company, he wanted to make more than money. He wanted to make a difference. "I knew it was going to be water. And then my brain lit up and was like, 'Why don't you do water for water,' this is so simple," said the Montreal resident. So, when he launched Maji, which means "water" in Swahilli…

Published: 2 Jan 2011

A morbid map

The Scientist: In October 2009, Loydie Jerome-Majewska and her husband Jacek Majewski made a bet: which of them would be the first to identify the gene that causes Van Den Ende–Gupta Syndrome (VDEGS) Gene mapping of four patients with the rare genetic disorder had narrowed the search to a region of chromosome 22, but the guilty gene eluded them.

Published: 1 Jan 2011

No need to fear a Happy New Year of chemistry

Montreal Gazette: (Chemistry prof Joe Schwarcz): "It isn't unusual for someone to come up to me after one of my public presentations and sheepishly whisper in my ear that they had failed chemistry in high school or that they couldn't cope with organic chemistry in university…"

Published: 31 Dec 2010