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Are birds cut out for city living?

After marveling at the ability of Barbados bullfinches to snatch food from humans’ plates, Jean-Nicolas Audet, a doctoral candidate at Canada’s McGill University, was inspired to study them. Audet compared rural and urban bullfinches on the island and found the city birds had better cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills. ...

Published: 26 Jan 2017

CFL and NFL players raising funds for concussion research

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs (and a fourth year medical student at McGill University) says professional sports now employ spotters to watch for players with concussion symptoms. "They're starting now to coach and teach more and more the rugby tackling style, where you get your head out of the contact and you tackle with your chest and shoulders and you avoid those hits to your head," said Duvernay-Tardif. ...

Published: 25 Jan 2017

Four myths about Ontario’s cap-and-trade system

Ontario’s cap-and-trade system is now in force and is the focus of much debate. Amidst all of the discussion, there is plenty of rhetoric, hyperbole, and questionable statements. Some of these have grown into large and scary myths which need to be debunked.

Published: 24 Jan 2017

Charles Taylor's clear-eyed vision of our distress, coupled to a deep-rooted celebration of humanity

"I think democracy depends on a sense of what I call "citizen efficacy" in a large number of people - a sense that there's somewhere you can go, some levers you can push, some votes you can make, and that revivifies democracy. Just think back eight years. What was the great slogan of Obama's campaign?...

Published: 23 Jan 2017

Protest against Trump in Montreal

Jacob Levy, a political science professor at McGill University, told Global News he watched Trump’s inauguration address with deep disappointment and skepticism.

Read more: Global News

Published: 23 Jan 2017

Opinion: Why Davos matters for millennials

Globalization, new technologies and a bewildering pace of change have exponentially increased the complexity of our world. We currently have intractable problems, such as climate change, income inequality and food security. University students will be on the front lines of dealing with these challenges.

Published: 19 Jan 2017

Inauguration fails to bridge division among Americans

“In the last half century the American presidential transition has been a timeout, a moment for the combativeness and divisiveness of campaigns to be buried,” said McGill University history professor Gil Troy, author of 11 books on the U.S. presidency. Read more: Washington's Top News

Published: 18 Jan 2017

PTSD: Beyond trauma

Dr. Alain Brunet, from Montreal’s McGill University, has a much cheaper, faster treatment to propose. For over a decade, he’s used propranolol, a beta-blocking drug, to decrease patients’ emotional response to fearful memories.

Read more: CBC

Published: 17 Jan 2017

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

Many advances in treatment have been made, but a cure is still desperately needed and that’s the focus this month — Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Dr. Serge Gauthier, a world-renowned researcher and the director of the Alzheimer’s disease research unit at the McGill University Research Centre for Studies in Aging joined senior anchor Jamie Orchard to talk about the illness. ...

Published: 16 Jan 2017

McGill performance taps the music of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. may be best known for his message, but it's his music that helped make a disciple of McGill University professor and Grammy-nominated musician John Hollenbeck. Hollenbeck, who teaches drums, composition and improvisation with McGill's jazz department, says the baptist preacher and civil rights leader was "a great musician" in the way he used cadence, tone and melody when he spoke....

Published: 16 Jan 2017

Making Canada's economy great again won’t be easy under Trump

“You can’t plug Donald Trump into your forecasts, but you can plug in a bunch of things as risks,” said Chris Ragan, associate economics professor at McGill University in Montreal and former adviser to the Bank of Canada and the finance department. “What happens if he puts tariffs in imported goods? What happens if he cuts corporate taxes? Another one is what happens if he massively spends on infrastructure.” ...

Published: 13 Jan 2017

Report spurs call to study marijuana’s potential in opioid-crisis fight

Mark Ware, a McGill pain researcher and vice-chair of Canada’s recent federal panel on marijuana legalization, said one of the biggest takeaways from the new report, which he reviewed before publication, is that new research must now be funded to see whether cannabis can pare down the use of some opioids, a class of legal and illicit painkillers that has led to an ongoing crisis that has killed hundreds of Canadians over the past year.

Published: 13 Jan 2017

Designing life: The brave new world of gene editing

A distinguished panel of experts gathered at Montreal's McGill University this past spring to discuss this development in gene editing.

There are big hopes for this technology, as well as serious concerns about its potential uses, and how to control or regulate it. The panel at McGill University addressed these questions. On this episode we have some of their answers. The panel is called Designing Life: The Brave New World of Gene Editing.

Published: 11 Jan 2017

Kushner crowned as Washington’s most powerful political millennial

“It will be interesting to see where they get accepted and where they get rejected,” said Gil Troy, an American presidential historian and professor at McGill University. “They’re the ones more likely to be seen around town, to rub elbows here and there." Read more: Financial Times 

Published: 11 Jan 2017

Hospital puts its seniors' art on display

"Painting is a vector to humanize care, for the person to be aware of abilities he has, and to help with rehabilitation." Dr. Olivier Beauchet, director of McGill's Centre of Excellence on Aging and Chronic Disease, based at the Jewish General. Read more: Montreal Gazette

Published: 10 Jan 2017