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Patent system seen stifling medical breakthroughs

An outdated intellectual property system is preventing lifesaving medicines and cutting-edge technologies from reaching those who need them the most, a leading expert on patents asserted yesterday

Published: 10 Sep 2008

Scientists start world's largest particle collider

International scientists, including researchers from McGill University, celebrated the successful start of their massive particle-smashing machine which aims to simulate the conditions of the "Big Bang" that created the universe.

Published: 10 Sep 2008

Canada weak on worker benefits: Report

Canada is perennially a top-10 finisher in United Nations rankings as one of the best countries in the world to live in. But a new McGill University study indicates that Canada lags behind many other countries on some basic worker benefits.

Published: 2 Sep 2008

Indigenous community in Panama to see carbon payments from forest conservation

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), the Panama-based branch of the Smithsonian Institution, will offset its carbon dioxide emissions by working with an indigenous community to conserve forests and reforest degraded lands with native tree species. The agreement was announced Sunday.

Published: 21 Aug 2008

Personalized immunotherapy to fight HIV/AIDS

Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy and his team from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), in collaboration with Dr. Rafick Sékaly from the Université de Montréal, with ARGOS Therapeutics (North Carolina, US) an industrial partner, have designed a personalized immunotherapy for HIV-infected patients.

Published: 16 Aug 2008

A swim against tides to find Franklin's lost ships

Canadian researchers begin their efforts to find the remains of Sir John Franklin's catastrophic 1845 expedition, in a project that combines the historical romanticism associated with past explorers and the emerging importance of 21st-century polar science.

Published: 16 Aug 2008

Sing me something smart

When shopping for a mate, female zebra finches might choose males with the sweetest song because singing ability advertises intellectual prowess. Neeltje Boogert of McGill University found that the males who sang the most complex melodies were also quicker at solving a problem to find food.

Published: 15 Aug 2008

Heart attack victims should not give up on taking statins

Heart attack victims who give up taking statins afterwards double their risk of dying in the next year.

Published: 4 Aug 2008

Want to fight terrorism? Think globally, act locally

Militant Islam is under global scrutiny for clues to conditions that foster its rise, and to strategies for reversing that growth. But the key is not in Islamic doctrine, U.S. foreign policy or formal ties to various nations, as many analysts have asserted. It lies at the community level, with clan and local leaders. Opinion piece in the Globe by Carnegie scholar Khalid Mustafa Medani, who teaches

Published: 4 Aug 2008

Personality of the Week: Richard Gold

Each day, thousands of researchers work on the development of drugs or a vaccine for people affected by AIDS. Richard Gold of McGill, wants to bring people closer together with the aim of making the AIDS drugs more accessible to those in underprivileged countries. As the 17th International Conference on AIDS begins in Mexico City, La Presse and Radio-Canada name him "Personality of the week".

Published: 3 Aug 2008

Drug resistance is slowing fight against TB

Standard methods of treating tuberculosis are failing in countries with high rates of multi-drug resistant (MDR) forms of the disease, say researchers who analyzed World Health Organization data from 2003 to 2004 for 155 countries.

Published: 1 Aug 2008

McGill Inuit health survey beginning soon

An Inuit health survey is taking place across the northern parts of the country, with the team of researchers finishing their work in Nunatsiavut. The survey, which begins Aug. 10, is being performed by the McGill University Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment.

Published: 1 Aug 2008

Management squeeze driving U.S. decline

Henry Mintzberg, McGill's John Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies, writes in an opinion piece in the the South China Morning Post: "Signs of the American economy's perilous condition are everywhere - from yawning fiscal and current-account deficits to plummeting home prices and a feeble U.S. dollar."

Published: 30 Jul 2008

Flirting with temptation

Temptation may be everywhere, but it's how the different sexes react to flirtation that determines the effect it will have on their relationships. Men may not see their flirtations with an attractive woman as threatening to another relationship while women do, according to findings from a study in the July issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Published: 24 Jul 2008

Rocking the Science World

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated a 15-kilometre stretch of Nova Scotia coastline as a world heritage site.

Published: 21 Jul 2008