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ABC: Blue and pink painkillers

An interview with McGill pain researcher Jeffrey Mogil by the ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corp) as new health regulations come into operation that govern painkillers containing codeine. New research has revealed not only does each of the sexes tolerate pain differently, they also react to analgesics in different ways…

Published: 30 Apr 2010

Telegraph : Russia's boreal forests may help to combat climate change

Russia's northern forests are magnificent carbon containers, the elimination 
of which could bring about catastrophic climate change. "The threats to the boreal forests don't seem significant right now," explains Nigel Roulet, a carbon cycle specialist at McGill University in Montreal. "But I'm convinced pressure will increase as the region gets warmer and it gets easier to operate there. "Also,

Published: 29 Apr 2010

La Presse: Des couloirs verts pour sauver la biodiversité de Montréal

Les «couloirs verts» de quelques mètres de large, d'une longueur maximale de 1,5 kilomètre, pourraient permettre d'améliorer du tiers la protection de la biodiversité dans l'île de Montréal, montrent les travaux préliminaires d'un biologiste de l'Université McGill.

Published: 29 Apr 2010

Insurance News: Study data from McGill University update understanding of health insurance

The proportion of large employers offering retiree health insurance in the US has declined by half in the past 20 years. This [research by Erin Strumpf and colleagues at McGill] examines the potential implications of this change by estimating the effects of a retiree health insurance (RHI) offer on a comprehensive set of labor, health and health care use outcomes in the near-elderly population.

Published: 29 Apr 2010

The Gazette: It's back to school for baby boomers

There are a host of options open to baby boomers who share her love of learning, with university continuing-education departments offering classes, as well as many others offered at community and senior centres ... according to Carolynn Rafman, coordinator for McGill University's Institute for Learning in Retirement (MILR).

Published: 29 Apr 2010

Straight: Debate sheds light on students in sex work

…To Ada Sinacore, an associate professor of counselling psychology at McGill University, the issue is much more complex than students wanting to make money. Over the past two years, she’s been doing research on students who pay for their education through sex work. According to her, engaging in this line of work is a last resort.

Published: 29 Apr 2010

Technology Review: Augmented Reality: haptic flooring

Researchers at McGill University have developed floor tiles that can simulate the look, sound and feel of snow, grass or pebbles underfoot. Such a tool could perhaps be used for augmented reality applications, tele-presence, training, rehabilitation or even as virtual foot controllers.

Published: 28 Apr 2010

La Presse : McGill : Un exemple à suivre

Louis Jacques Filion, professeur et titulaire de la chaire d'entrepreneuriat Rogers-J.-A.-Bombardier à HEC Montréal: "La liberté engendre la diversité d'expression et c'est de là qu'émerge l'innovation. Lorsqu'on regarde les sociétés qui se développent, elles sont la résultante de nombreuses initiatives souvent vues dans un premier temps comme étant hors norme. A l'inverse, les sociétés qui impose

Published: 27 Apr 2010

The Gazette: McGill takes a tough stance

McGill University and the Quebec government appear to be on a collision course over the university's plan to self-fund the MBA program at its Desautels Faculty of Management by hiking fees by more than $25,000 next fall. McGill has no plans to back down and neither does Education Minister Michelle Courchesne.

Published: 27 Apr 2010

New York Times: Insect may make moves to survive the harvest

One thing about evolution — you never know what’s going to influence it. Take the European corn borer, for instance. Researchers have just made a strong case that a certain aspect of its behavior has evolved because of human harvesting of corn. The corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis, is a pest caterpillar that spends spring and summer feeding on its host corn stalk before spinning a cocoon for the win

Published: 27 Apr 2010

New Scientist: Putting the touch into touch screens

As neuroscientists decode how we process signals from nerves that sense touch, engineers are beginning to use their discoveries to dupe us into feeling something that isn't there. Given the right kind of manipulation, a smooth surface can be made to mimic the feel of a range of materials, and a solid slab can be made to feel like shifting sand… It is not just the sense of touch in our fingers that

Published: 27 Apr 2010

Vancouver Sun: Greek bailout is the best of bad alternatives

At first blush, it's a little hard to understand why financial markets in Europe and North America are paying so much attention to a debt problem in a little country like Greece. … With a Greek debt default, for instance, these weaker economies would be "hammered" by skyrocketing interest rates on their government lending, predicts Mo Chaudhury, a finance specialist at McGill University's Desautel

Published: 27 Apr 2010

Le Devoir: McGill in Quebec (Cahier spécial)

Le Devoir highlights various McGill initiatives that contribute to improving Quebecers’ lives, in a special supplement published in Saturday's edition. From neuroscience to heart disease, from cancer research to the training of family doctors, find out more about the many ways McGill and its affiliated hospitals are redefining health and wellness.

Published: 26 Apr 2010

Marketing Magazine: Don't write off books just yet, publishers say

Lost in much of the hype surrounding new reading technologies is just how firmly entrenched the book has become as a cultural touchstone. In North America alone, the book industry is estimated to be worth more than $25 billion annually. “When something is that present it doesn’t just wither and die instantly,” said Andrew Piper, a professor in the English department at McGill University.

Published: 26 Apr 2010

La Presse: Tout le monde pareil!

Alain Dubuc, La Presse: "Depuis des mois, on assiste à un bras de fer entre McGill et la ministre de l'Éducation, Michelle Courchesne, parce que l'université veut transformer son programme de MBA en programme privé, qui fonctionnerait sans la subvention de quelque 10 000$ du Ministère et qui serait plutôt financé par des droits de scolarité de 29 500$..."

Published: 26 Apr 2010