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China quake a new skirmish in an old battle

John Stix, an earthquake expert at McGill, comments in the Los Angeles Times on the earthquake that struck central China on Monday.

Published: 14 May 2008

Raw deal not so bad

Harriet Kuhnlein, professor of human nutrition at the Centre for Indigenous Peoples' Nutrition and Environment comments in the Washington Post on the diet of indigenous people in the remote far north.

Published: 14 May 2008

Breastfeeding may boost IQ

Children who were breastfed exclusively for the first three months of life or longer scored nearly six points higher on IQ tests at the age of 6 than children who weren't breastfed exclusively, McGill researchers have found.

Published: 13 May 2008

Mother's touch has the power to heal

A McGill study has shown that a cuddle truly does lessen babies' sufferings.

Published: 13 May 2008

We can grow our way out of famine

In an OpEd piece in The National, a new English-language daily in Abu Dhabi, Chandra Madramootoo, Dean of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at McGill writes that in the early 1960s, parts of the world, particularly Asia, were affected by back-to-back droughts that led to massive starvation, famine and deaths.

Published: 12 May 2008

Suburban housing is no good for frogs

McGill's David Green comments in La Presse on how residential construction is endangering the ongoing existence of the Western Chorus Frog.

Published: 12 May 2008

The Mont-Saint-Hilaire legacy: McGill celebrates 50 years of involvement

Neighbours, friends, and former employees at the Gault reserve's Centre de la Nature celebrated the 50th anniversary of this unique and irreplaceable site.

Published: 12 May 2008

Addressing the ball, positively

There might be help for golfers who routinely beat themselves up over poor shots and bad putting. It comes in a video game called Matrix developed by Dr. Mark Baldwin, a psychologist at McGill.

Published: 8 May 2008

Abuse alters genetics, McGill study shows

Suicide victims who suffered abuse as children - neglect, sexual, physical or emotional - show genetic changes in their brains, McGill researchers have reported.

Published: 7 May 2008

Rapid saliva test helps block HIV virus from mothers to children

Researchers at McGill have field-tested in India a rapid saliva test for HIV that was shown to be highly effective in preventing transmission of the virus from HIV-positive mothers to their children.

Published: 6 May 2008

Chemistry prof's tricks provide the ideal mix

Ariel Fenster uses public lectures, radio and television and a full-scale stage show to debunk and demystify everything from the chemistry of love to the pros and cons of plastics and vitamins and the economic and ethical debate over biofuels.

Published: 6 May 2008

Unravelling the link between genes and the environment

Research on epigenetics presented by McGill researchers at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association.

Published: 5 May 2008

To the land of Nod, automatically

Nicknamed "McSleepy" a new system developed by McGill researchers administers drugs for general anesthesia and monitors their separate effects completely automatically, with no manual intervention.

Published: 2 May 2008

Study focuses on ovarian cancer

By the time a woman is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it's often too far advanced, says Dr. Lucy Gilbert, head of gynecological oncology at the McGill University Health Centre.

Published: 2 May 2008

'Evolutionary Applications'

Professor Graham Bell from McGill University and Dr. Sinéad Collins from University of Edinburgh, co-author the journal "Evolutionary Applications" inaugural article "Adaptation, extinction and global change."

Published: 1 May 2008