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Roughing it, Antarctic style

(Michael Becker, a doctoral student at McGill University, was a scientific diver on an expedition to Lake Untersee, Antarctica - fourth in a series of six posts):

Published: 25 Jan 2013

Golden moment for Medal

Published: 24 Jan 2013

Before the e-text

Published: 24 Jan 2013

In praise of vital democracies

Obama's inauguration and Isreal's election were occasions for non-partisan celebration of an extraordinary form of government (Op-ed by Gil Troy, history prof at McGill):

Published: 24 Jan 2013

Made for this moment

Published: 22 Jan 2013

Ryan Case: The law alone can't combat domestic violence

(Commentary from McGill law professor Angela Campbell)

Published: 22 Jan 2013

Unleash the rhetoric, Mr. President. America needs it

(Commentary by History professor Gil Troy): As Barack Obama drafts his second inaugural speech, he should remember the speeches that made him president. He should ponder the vision of multicultural nationalism in his 2004 Democratic Convention keynote. He should revive the controlled but righteous indignation in his 2008 address on race relations that defused the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy. And he should tap into the lyrical patriotism that made his first victory speech soar.

Published: 21 Jan 2013

The long, cold slog

(Michael Becker, a doctoral student at McGill University, was a scientific diver on an expedition to Lake Untersee, Antarctica - this the third of 6 blog posts): There are no helicopters on this end of the continent. For someone as unenthusiastic about walking as I am, this news comes as a definitive blow to my goal of doing as little exercise as possible. But even an ultramarathoner would be chilled by the prospect of an 80-mile journey over treacherous glacial crevasses with several tons of gear.

Published: 21 Jan 2013

Music to your ears

(Abstract of article by McGill grad Adam Gopnik) …Perhaps the densest concentration of sound scholars in the world can be found in Montreal, at McGill University, where the writer went to school. Albert Bregman, a former professor of the writer’s, spent almost fifty years at McGill studying the psychology of sound, and his masterwork, “Auditory Sense Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of Sound,” remains a basic text in the field.

Published: 21 Jan 2013

How fit is your neighbourhood?

(Athletics' Jill Barker) As a young psychologist, James Sallis was interested in exploring the motivation behind getting people to exercise. But it wasn’t long before he discovered that existing theories designed to improve exercise adherence were, for the most part, ineffective. Sallis, who is speaking in Montreal this week, is this year’s winner of the Bloomberg Manulife Prize for the Promotion of Active Health.

Published: 21 Jan 2013