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Scientific American, Daily Mail, et al. - Viral video: Higgs Boson provides musical spin

Master's physics student Tim Blais' a capella "Rolling in the Higgs" video picked up steam over the weekend, racking up over 60,000 hits (at last count) on YouTube and picking up some major international press.

Published: 30 Aug 2012

Scientific American, Nature - Using fertilizer wisely could help feed 9 billion people

A new study, published in Nature on August 30, suggests that increasing deforestation could be avoided provided farmers made better use of water and nutrients on land currently under cultivation around the globe.

Published: 30 Aug 2012

Pitchfork, Huffington Post - Members of Arcade Fire, The Strokes to play basketball for charity at POP Montreal

This year's POP Montreal will host the second annual "POP vs. Jock" basketball game, featuring athletes, musicians, and Martin Starr of "Freaks and Geeks"/"Party Down" fame. Win Butler of Arcade Fire will play once again, as will Nikolai Fraiture of the Strokes. Arcade Fire's Régine Chassagne will provide organ accompaniment, and David Byrne & Moment Factory will play the halftime show.

Published: 30 Aug 2012

Globe and Mail - Talking Management: Why an engaged work force drives the bottom line

Widespread worker disengagement is a major factor behind slowing revenue growth, says Harvard Business School professor Teresa Amabile, speaking with Desautels' Karl Moore.

Published: 29 Aug 2012

Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian et al. - Eating disorders may be genetic

In a new study, researchers have uncovered fresh evidence of a genetic predisposition to eating disorders that is passed on from mothers to daughters.

Published: 26 Aug 2012

CBC - McGill researching PEI's ecosystem management

McGill University is taking an interest in Prince Edward Island's environment. A professor and some students are looking to develop an "ecosystem management model" based on Island research. Students were on P.E.I. during the summer, collecting data.

Published: 26 Aug 2012

Journal Métro - La culture à l'université : Deux univers se rencontrent

Si Montréal est une ville hautement culturelle, on peut en dire autant de ses universités.

Published: 26 Aug 2012

NPR, et al. - A pachyderm's ditty prompts an elephantine debate

When one of the residents of the National Zoo in Washington recently revealed her love of music to zookeepers there, some ears perked up. Shanthi, a 36-year-old Asian elephant loves playing (with) her harmonica.

Published: 26 Aug 2012

Ottawa Citizen - There's more to dry ice than a mystical fog

(Chemistry prof Joe Schwarcz): "Double, double toil and trouble, fire burn, and cauldron bubble!" But how do you make that cauldron bubble on stage? That's what the stage manager of a local production of Macbeth wanted to know. Wasn't too hard to answer that one. It just takes a little chemical witchcraft in the form of dry ice!

Published: 26 Aug 2012

Huffington Post, et al. - World's most beautiful universities

Selected by Travel & Leisure magazine as one of the world's most beautiful universities… McGill’s 79-acre campus, punctuated by a series of pavilions that were built over hundreds of years, has a unified design derived from the college’s Scottish roots (the school was founded by Scottish trader James McGill in 1821).

Published: 24 Aug 2012

Medical Daily - Language may help infants learn about people's intentions

Research suggests infants may be able to perceive that speech can communicate unobservable objects that are essential for social interactions.

Published: 23 Jul 2012

Charlie Rose - Charlie Rose Brain Series on Multiple Sclerosis

With Eric Kandel of Columbia University, Alfred Sandrock of Biogen Idec, Amit Bar-Or of McGill University, Andrea Kilpatrick, Founder and President of Cool Kids Learn and Stephen L. Hauser of the University of California, San Francisco.

Published: 12 Jul 2012

The Daily Beast - Is the web driving us mad?

Tweets, texts, emails, posts. New research says the Internet can make us lonely and depressed—and may even create more extreme forms of mental illness, Tony Dokoupil reports…

Published: 9 Jul 2012

Sun newspapers - A kindness virus: How social media is increasing social good

The birds do it. The bees do it. And now it seems we're doing it, too. It's called swarming (and you should tell your kids all about it): Working together and acting cooperatively without strong leadership, while consistently making decisions that result in the best possible outcome for society. And social media swarming is resulting in social good.

Published: 9 Jul 2012

Time, Winnipeg Free Press, et al. - Uncircumcised boys at greater risk for urinary tract infections: study

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal finds that uncircumcised boys have a higher risk of urinary tract infection (UTI) than circumcised boys, a condition that could lead to kidney damage and scarring if left untreated. The risk of infection was higher in uncircumcised boys regardless of how much of their urethral opening was visible.

Published: 9 Jul 2012