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Pushing minds and bodies


Twenty-six McGill psychology assistants and students set out on daredevil Epic Journey

McGill psychology students and lab assistants will be testing their minds — and bodies — this weekend. Some 26 psychology lab assistants and graduate students are taking part in the first Epic Journey — a three-day event which is being modelled after the popular TV show "The Amazing Race." Participants will be divided into six teams for the whirlwind race. Teams will race around Montreal to complete a a series of obstacles, from locating dragon fruit in Chinatown to rock climbing in the east end.

"The Epic Journey will build team spirit, foster cooperation and allow new lab members to get to know each other better," says John Abela, the event organizer and a McGill psychology professor. "This race will challenge participants mentally and physically."

The Epic Journey will begin this Friday, September 3, at 5:10 pm (courtyard of the Stewart Biology Building, 1205 Dr Penfield Avenue) and ends Sunday, September 5, at 11 pm. The most photo-friendly obstacle will be the rock-climbing stint at Horizon Rock (2350 Dickson St.; 514-899-5000) beginning at 7:30 pm on September 3.