Ottawa Citizen - Hackers get access to Tory donor list


The hackers behind a hoax on the Conservative party website earlier this week also obtained thousands of names and e-mail addresses of donors who gave to the party online. More than 5,600 names and e-mails were briefly posted online Wednesday morning, apparently by the same hacker – using the Twitter account $LulzRaft – who a day earlier took credit for a bogus press release on the party website that claimed Prime Minister Stephen Harper was hospitalized after choking on a hash brown.

The list includes the names and e-mail addresses of accountants, lawyers, academics and public servants who gave money to the party – people who might have preferred to keep their donations private. It is unclear if the hackers obtained a longer list of donors and, if so, whether these will also be posted in future.

Dozens of donors used e-mail accounts from post-secondary institutions such as McGill, the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa and the University of Western Ontario.