Munroe-Blum calls on leaders to resolve university underfunding


Heather Munroe Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University, congratulated Premier Jean Charest, Action Démocratique Leader Mario Dumont and Parti Québecois Leader André Boisclair for their energetic campaigns guided by a clear dedication to enhancing the wellbeing of Québec society.

"Accordingly, I encourage all members of the National Assembly to cooperate and focus debate on the best interests of all Québecers," said Principal Munroe-Blum. "The McGill University community offers support to all the party leaders, as well as our expertise and university resources, in identifying solutions and innovative approaches in this exceptional situation of a minority government, the last instance of which dates back over a century."

Among the priorities that should rally all parties, said Munroe-Blum, is the crisis in university funding. The quality of university-level teaching and research are crucial to positioning Québec among advanced societies in which economic prosperity and social justice contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of citizens.

"Since the recent federal budget, the needs of Québec’s universities have stood out with even greater clarity. The gap with counterparts elsewhere in the country, especially with Ontario and Alberta, as a result of the 2007-2008 adjustment to the Canada Social Transfer, continues to widen. Furthermore, our universities remain a disturbingly low priority for a public that may take for granted a certain level of service and repute. We must work together to rekindle Québecer’s stake in our universities," she concluded.

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