McGill Expert: Canada’s prosperity will suffer without national plan for digital literacy


Story: Canada's leading digital literacy organization, Media Awareness Network (MNet), is sounding the alarm that Canada will continue to trail other countries in productivity and innovation unless a national plan for digital literacy is put in place.  In its submission to the Government of Canada's consultation on the digital economy, MNet asserts that there is a connection between Canada's declining performance in the digital economy and its failure to develop a digital literacy strategy.

MNet outlines several action items the government needs to take to support digital literacy in Canada, including the immediate steps of:

  • creating a taskforce to develop a blueprint for a National Digital Literacy Strategy;
  • supporting national research on the digital skills needed by Canadian children and youth; and
  • facilitating a summit of key stakeholders to discuss implementation through the education, government, community, and job training sectors.

McGill expert: McGill University Prof. Michael Hoechsmann, Faculty of Education, Department of Integrated Studies in Education



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