Latest Canada Research Chairs announced


McGill adds six more international researchers

McGill's reputation as a world-renowned research institution has received a further boost with the appointment of an additional six Canada Research Chairs. Arriving from Harvard, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and other top-calibre institutions, the new scholars bring the total number of Chairs at McGill to 109. The announcements were celebrated today with a visit from a Member of Parliament.

The new researchers will be exploring diverse fields of study, from experimental astrophysics to the pathology of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents. Among the Tier 1 category ($1.4 million) winners is Professor Jody Heymann, who will be conducting groundbreaking research on how major shifts in global economic and social conditions affect children's health and development.

The appointments were formally announced today, July 14, as Montreal MP Massimo Pacetti was on hand to represent Industry Canada. Pacetti came to draw attention to the government's efforts to attract top talent from around the world and to strengthen Canada's international competitiveness in research and innovation. The ceremony took place in the Robert E. Bell Seminar and Conference Room.

McGill has had particular success in recent years in attracting Canada Research Chairs from abroad. Among this year's arrivals is Shie Mannor, an Israeli scientist who was most recently working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. He will be researching in the field of artificial intelligence, exploring ways in which machines might be designed to adapt to their environment.

"It's a great university, with a nurturing environment. I liked what I saw here, especially as McGill is entering a growth period," said Mannor, explaining his decision to relocate.

"McGill awards all of its allocated CRCs to candidates recruited externally, thus allowing us to attract exceptional world-class researchers. Our internal McGill-Dawson chairs help us to retain those who might otherwise be attracted by an external offer. The intensity of research activity at McGill is the highest in the country, and the CRC program has been a key component of our continued success," said McGill's interim Provost, Anthony C. Masi.

Four of McGill's new Chairs will also receive money from the Canada Foundation for Innovation through the Canada Research Chairs Infrastructure Fund, which will allow them to build and develop facilities to further their research.

McGill's newest Canada Research Chairs:

Dobbs, Matt
Topic: Cosmic Background Radiation: A Tool for Exploring the Early Universe
CRC Designation: Physics
McGill Unit: Department of Physics

Duffy, Anne
Topic: Mood Disorders in Young People: Toward Prevention and Early Intervention
CRC Designation: Mental and Behavioural Disorders
McGill Unit: Department of Psychiatry

Geary, Timothy G.
Topic: Destroying the Power Parasites Have Over the Immune System
CRC Designation: Molecular Biology
McGill Unit: Institute of Parasitology

Hayden, Patrick
Topic: The Physics of Information
CRC Designation: Multidisciplinary in Natural Sciences and Engineering
McGill Unit: School of Computer Science

Heymann, Jody
Topic: The Impact of Social Changes on Human Health and Well-being
CRC Designation: Population Health — General
McGill Unit: Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics/Department of Political Science (Joint Appointment)

Mannor, Shie
Topic: Pushing "Machine Intelligence" to the Edge
CRC Designation: Artificial Intelligence
McGill Unit: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering