International Herald Tribune, New York Times - McGill in top 20 worldwide: CEO survey


Even though business leaders say that the choice of school is not the only criterion for selecting one job candidate over another, a new survey has found patterns among hundreds of leaders who were asked to weigh in on the schools they looked to first when hiring.

Emerging, a French consulting firm, surveyed employers on which schools they tended to rely on, and on what qualities made job candidates most employable. Carried out in collaboration with Trendence, a German consulting firm, the survey included hundreds of employers from 10 countries. Emerging boiled down the results to 150 universities that it called the Emerging/Trendence Global Employability Ranking — a list that includes the traditional top elite schools in North America as well as relative newcomers in Asia and Europe.

The study is meant to give “universities, recruiters and students the most valuable of tools: a road-tested blueprint of where it’s best to study in order to get a job,” Emerging said as it released its findings. [McGill placed 19th worldwide.]