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G8/G20 summits begin Friday, June 25


Published: 21Jun2010

Story: If the G8 can act cohesively on international security issues and show it can help the world - such as advancing the fight against maternal and child deaths - it might earn a future. But waiting in the wings is a bigger group, the G20, that looks more like the world we now live in, and has already taken precedence in dealing with global economics. Its members are eyeing big parts of what's left of the G8's agenda - notably development and aid - and are expecting to take them over.

McGill expert: Professor, Tom Velk, Faculty of Economics

Expertise: Public policy

Source: Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/g8-g20/news/focus-or-die-the-g8-fights-for-survival/article1611127/


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