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Federal elections in the United States and Canada


Published: 21Nov2000

Please find below the names and telephone numbers of McGill professors who have agreed to comment on the following aspects of the American and Canadian federal elections:

Alain Gagnon, Department of Political Science, Director, Quebec Studies Program at 514-398-8965/3960.

  • "Ties that Bind: Parties and Voters in Canada"
    (Oxford University Press. Toronto, 1999)
  • "Canadian Politics" with James Biskerton from St.François Xavier University.
    (Broadview Ed. 1999)

Antonia Maioni, Department of Political Science at 514-398-4815/4800.

  • Health Care Reform in Canada and the United States
  • Provincial-Federal Relations

Richard Schultz, Department of Political Science at 514-398-4948.

  • The Past, Present and Future of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Stockwell Day’s Views on the Canadian Constitution

Harold Waller, Department of Political Science at 514-398-4806.

  • Hot Topics: United States Elections’ Aftermath: U.S. Political Crisis; Israeli-Palestinian Crisis.

Gil Troy , Department of History at 514-398-3898.

  • The U.S. Presidential Crisis: Precedents.