Federal elections in the United States and Canada


Please find below the names and telephone numbers of McGill professors who have agreed to comment on the following aspects of the American and Canadian federal elections:

Alain Gagnon, Department of Political Science, Director, Quebec Studies Program at 514-398-8965/3960.

  • "Ties that Bind: Parties and Voters in Canada"
    (Oxford University Press. Toronto, 1999)
  • "Canadian Politics" with James Biskerton from St.François Xavier University.
    (Broadview Ed. 1999)

Antonia Maioni, Department of Political Science at 514-398-4815/4800.

  • Health Care Reform in Canada and the United States
  • Provincial-Federal Relations

Richard Schultz, Department of Political Science at 514-398-4948.

  • The Past, Present and Future of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • Stockwell Day’s Views on the Canadian Constitution

Harold Waller, Department of Political Science at 514-398-4806.

  • Hot Topics: United States Elections’ Aftermath: U.S. Political Crisis; Israeli-Palestinian Crisis.

Gil Troy , Department of History at 514-398-3898.

  • The U.S. Presidential Crisis: Precedents.