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CBC: Northern food banks, soup kitchens examined


Published: 3May2010

A Montreal researcher is studying the true value of food banks and soup kitchens in fast-growing northern centres such as Iqaluit, where more people are using the services. An average of 70 people a day used the Iqaluit food bank on food-delivery days last year, up from an average of 39 people in 2007. Meanwhile, the number of people using the Iqaluit soup kitchen has doubled since it opened in a new, central building last fall. "Down at the old soup kitchen, 30 to 35 people would be a full load for the day," said Jerry Peet, a longtime volunteer at the soup kitchen. "Here, we're getting anywhere between 55 and 70 people everyday." Marie-Pierre Lardeau, a doctoral student with McGill University, said she is interviewing people who use the soup kitchen, food bank and the Tukisigiarvik centre, a first stop for people seeking social services in the city of about 6,200.