20 years post-Meech, pro-sovereignty rallies much quieter affairs


Story: Independence rallies in Quebec are more restrained than in the heady days following the death of the Meech Lake accord. One in Montreal on Sunday was more organized and more conventional than the raucous affairs held in the province 20 years ago. And with far fewer participants. Just some 400 turned out in for this noisy march - and a few thousand for a series of events across Quebec - to mark the dual anniversaries of the death of Meech and the 1995 referendum on sovereignty. It's a far cry from 160,000 who poured into the streets for the 1990 Fête nationale parade - the city's first in 20 years.

McGill expert: Professor Antonia Maioni, Director, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada

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Source: Canadian Press: http://www.metronews.ca/calgary/canada/article/557549--20-years-after-the-death-of-meech-lake-quebec-sovereigntists-battle-cynicism


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