Broadcast — Voices from the Quiet Revolution, Episode 1


On June 22 1960, the Liberal party under Jean Lesage won the provincial election marking the beginning of Quebec’s “Quiet Revolution”. In the fifty years since historians, academics, politicians and the general public have vigorously debated the nature of the Quiet Revolution and its impact.

This colloquium returns to the actors involved in these reforms to get their perspectives on these events and shed light on some of the myths and symbols about the Quiet revolution and living in the Quebec of the 1960s and 1970s. Many important actors of that period are still alive and will greatly contribute to a better understand of the period, which seems increasing distinct from today’s reality.  This is especially true for the anglophone public to whom this event is  primarily speaking. By using the English language for the debates, this event contributes to an oral history of the events of the Quiet Revolution in English, for teaching, research, public education and media purposes.