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Nahum Sonenberg

Over $3.7M awarded to McGill researchers

Prime Minister Stephen Harper announces funding for researchers studying neurodevelopmental disorders from Government of Canada, 
The Azrieli Foundation and Brain Canada
Thu, 2014-05-01 12:46

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Nahum Sonenberg awarded prestigious Wolf Prize

McGill researcher recognized for pioneering work in biochemistry
Fri, 2014-01-17 16:34

Nahum Sonenberg, a James McGill Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and the Rosalind and Morris Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University, is one of eight winners of the prestigious Wolf Prize as announced in Tel Aviv yesterday.

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New hope for understanding autism spectrum disorders

Researchers at McGill University and the University of Montreal uncover a crucial link between protein synthesis and autism spectrum disorders
Wed, 2012-11-21 13:00

Researchers from McGill University and the University of Montreal have identified a crucial link between protein synthesis and autism spectrum disorders (ASD), which can bolster new therapeutic avenues. Regulation of protein synthesis, also termed mRNA translation, is the process by which cells manufacture proteins. This mechanism is involved in all aspects of cell and organism function. A new study in mice has found that abnormally high synthesis of a group of neuronal proteins called neuroligins results in symptoms similar to those diagnosed in ASD. The study also reveals that autism-like behaviors can be rectified in adult mice with compounds inhibiting protein synthesis, or with gene-therapy targeting neuroligins. Their results are published in the journal Nature.

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