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Fighting the new-age hatred

Op-ed by Gil Troy, professor of history. The Jerusalem Post

Published: 20Jan2016

John Wood: ‘I had to get out of Microsoft'

Karl Moore, professor of strategy and organization at the Desautels Faculty of Management, interviews John Wood, the founder of Room to Read, a global non-profit organization that promotes literacy and gender equality in education. Financial Post

Published: 20Jan2016

Les dangers du virus Zika

Discussion avec Dr Michael Libman, directeur du Centre des maladies tropicales. Radio-Canada

Published: 20Jan2016

Michael W. Davidson, a Success in Microscopes and Neckwear, Dies at 65

"Mr. Davidson, who died on Dec. 24 at 65, used sophisticated microscopes to create stunning, psychedelic images of crystallized substances like DNA and hormones, and he contributed to Nobel Prize-honored research about the inner workings of cells. His images were on the covers of scientific journals and, as unlikely as it might seem, on neckwear" states the NY Times.

Read the full New York Times article here.

Published: 20Jan2016

Learning a Second Language May Depend on How your Brain Talks to Itself

Researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute explore why learning a second language is easier for some people

Learning a second language is easier for some adults than others, and innate differences in how the various parts of the brain “talk” to one another may help explain why, according to a new study led by Chai Xiaoqian and Denise Klein, researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, The Neuro at McGill University.  The study was published January 20 in The Journal of Neuroscience.

Published: 20Jan2016

Guidelines for human genome editing

By Vincent C. Allaire

Human genome editing for both research and therapy is progressing, raising ethical questions among scientists around the world.

Published: 21Jan2016

Le Blue Monday: pas si déprimant que ça…

Très enjouée en ce jour pourtant le plus déprimant de l’année, la Dre Marilyn Fitzpatrick, directrice du programme de psychologie du counseling à l’Université McGill, doute également de la formule mathématique de Cliff Arnal. Acadie Nouvelle

Published: 19Jan2016

Study reveals life’s outer limits in Antarctic valley

When Jacqueline Goordial first laid eyes on University Valley in Antarctica, it looked like the loneliest place on Earth. The Globe and Mail

Published: 19Jan2016

Fight tumors and infections with targeted drugs

By Cynthia Lee

Some drug regimens, such as those designed to eliminate tumors, are notorious for nasty side effects. Unwanted symptoms are often the result of medicine going where it’s not needed and harming healthy cells. To minimize this risk, researchers in Quebec have developed nanoparticles that only release a drug when exposed to near-infrared light, which doctors could beam onto a specific site. Their report appears in the Journal of the American Chemical Society.

Published: 20Jan2016