Cuddle your kid!

Published: 22Oct2012

New York Times op-ed columnist Nicholas Kristof As the presidential candidates debate how to strengthen America, maybe they can learn from rats. A McGill University neurologist, Michael Meaney,...

New volunteers help keep book fair going strong

Published: 22Oct2012

The 41st edition of the McGill Book Fair takes place Tuesday through Thursday at Redpath Hall, 3461 McTavish St., just south of Doctor Penfield Ave. The event, which is open to the public, begins...

PONDER Project: Building brain muscle

Published: 22Oct2012

Our brains, as much as our bodies, need exercise. And if you build brain muscle, you protect yourself from neurodegenerative diseases  - like Alzheimer's. Jens Pruessner, the director of the McGill...

Joe Schwarcz: No need to be wary about wash-and-wear

Published: 22Oct2012

Some of you may find this surprising, but I don't mind ironing. Unlike giving a lecture, writing a column or appearing on TV or radio, you get immediate gratification. You see the results of your...