Murrahs catch Canadian scholar's fancy

Published: 9Nov2012

Haryana's 'black gold' has caught the fancy of a Canadian scholar. A PhD student of McGill University in Montreal, Sophie Llewelyn, is studying the Murrah-human relation in Haryana and the way it...

Corruption probe shakes Montreal, topples Mayor

Published: 9Nov2012

Montrealers have long assumed a fair amount of dirty money sloshes through their city’s politics, but only lately are they learning just how bad things are. This week the mayor had to resign, a...

Cancer trials can lack clear information on biopsies

Published: 9Nov2012

People participating in cancer drug trials aren't always given the most straightforward explanation of possible risks and benefits from invasive procedures that may be involved, according to a new...

Hospitals go beyond "Do not resuscitate"

Published: 9Nov2012

New Brunswick's largest health authority announced this week it will move from a do or do not resuscitate policy to one that gives patients more choices about end-of-life care, as hospital...

Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, falls on Nov. 13

Published: 9Nov2012

For about a billion revelers around the world, that means it's time to start thinking about sweets -- specifically the South Asian confections called mithai. […] "Sweets are a sign of positive...