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Brighter prospects for chronic pain

Researchers use optogenetics to produce pain relief by shutting off neurons with light

The potential of light as a non-invasive, highly-focused alternative to pain medication was made more apparent thanks to research conducted by scientists at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital of McGill University and the McGill University Health Centre.

Published: 20Apr2016

Spring 2016 honorary degree recipients

These newest honorees, seven men and seven women, represent a wide range of fields. They include the first woman to hold the position of Chief Justice, the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin; philanthropist and founder of Dollarama, Larry Rossy, a well-known name in the retail sector; broadcast journalist Céline Galipeau who has shared some of the most important stories of our time with Canadian viewers; Vinton Cerf, known as one of the fathers of the Internet; along with other important figures in music, literature, agriculture and science.

Published: 19Apr2016

Microbilles dans le Saint-Laurent: une infestation

Des chercheurs canadiens ont trouvé des microbilles dans les eaux des Grands Lacs et du Saint-Laurent. « Puisque les microbilles flottent, on a longtemps cru qu'elles étaient convoyées par les rivières et les fleuves jusqu'à l'océan. Cette découverte en eau douce a été une grande surprise », affirme Anthony Riccciardi, biologiste à McGill. La Presse

Published: 18Apr2016

Wanted: Plain talk from the lab

At McGill University, insect scientist Chris Buddle submitted one study to a journal in “more of a casual, non-jargony language, (trying) to write it in a way that’s a bit more engaging, and not the typical dry scientific writing.” All but a few sentences were rejected, he says. “Not just the editor of the journal but reviewers as well felt the tone was too casual and didn’t meet the criteria for formal scientific writing." Ottawa Citizen

Published: 18Apr2016

Health solutions for Attawapiskat must be long-term

Laurence Kirmayer, founder and director of the Network for Aboriginal Mental Health Research at McGill University in Montreal, says crisis counselling and other supportive interventions are critical for stopping this so-called “suicide contagion.” The Globe and Mail

Published: 18Apr2016

Expert: Impeachment of Brazilian President

Brazilian legislators voted on Sunday night to approve impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the nation’s first female president. (The New York Times)

Published: 18Apr2016

Expert: Earthquakes in Ecuador and Japan

Earthquakes struck Japan and Ecuador just hours apart on Saturday April 16, 2016. Were the two earthquakes related?

Published: 18Apr2016

Isabelle Daunais Wins 2016 Killam Prize in Humanities

By Kathryn Jezer-Morton


What does a novel communicate about the world of its inhabitants?? What can it teach us about our relation to the world that other forms of thought do not teach us? Prof. Isabelle Daunais, of McGill’s Département de langue et littérature françaises and Canada Research Chair in the Esthetics and Art of the Novel, engaged with these questions to critical acclaim in her 2015 book, Le roman sans aventure (Les Éditions du Boréal), and they continue to inform her research today.

Published: 18Apr2016

Canada: Children at back of the pack among rich nations

A new report released today by UNICEF highlights the inequalities in child well-being in the world’s most affluent nations, including Canada. While progress in reducing child well-being gaps has been modest overall, Canada’s children are at the back of the pack, ranking in the bottom third when measured against other rich nations. (UNICEF)

Published: 18Apr2016