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PET from A to Z Comprehensive Training Program

Montreal Neurological Institute 3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA

A week of lectures and hands-on training on PET imaging: from cyclotron to data reconstruction

Workshop themes

Day 1. Introduction of the basics of PET as a brain imaging technique

New Quebec budget includes $1M for agrifood innovation

McGill Newsroom

Quebec’s recently unveiled provincial budget includes one new line-item that means a lot for McGill research.

Published: 22Mar2016

Des produits vendus en pharmacie contestés

«Les médecins homéopathiques s’intéressent à la personnalité et au caractère de leur patient pour déterminer le traitement. C’est le fait d’être écouté qui amoindrit les symptômes.» Ariel Fenster, L’organisation pour la science et la société. Journal Métro

Published: 22Mar2016

McGill's tutoring for Syrian refugees gains momentum

A group of tutors at McGill is hoping to provide more Syrian refugees with the opportunity to study in Canada after five of its students were offered scholarships. CBC News

Published: 22Mar2016

Focus Montreal: Hot Cities of the World tour

Professor Karl J. Moore of McGill’s Desautels Faculty of Management and student Mackenzie Chisholm share their experiences and insights from their recent group trip to Chile and Columbia. Global News

Published: 22Mar2016

Experts: World TB Day 2016 (March 24)

World TB Day is held each year on March 24th and aims to build public awareness for tuberculosis. A disease which despite being curable, remains a destructive epidemic in much of the world.

Published: 22Mar2016

Experts: Terrorist Attacks in Brussels (March 22, 2016)

"Explosions rocked the main airport and a subway in Brussels on Tuesday, killing at least 26 people." (The New York Times)

Published: 22Mar2016

ExoMars outbound in search for life signs

Interview with Lyle White, Department of Natural Resource Sciences, on the John Batchelor Show. Audio Boom

Published: 21Mar2016

Students create exhibit showcasing healing power of art

Anita Raj is a medical student at McGill and she's also a brain tumor survivor. She knows firsthand how art can help with the healing process. CTV News

Published: 21Mar2016

Anonymous, des sales coups à l’activisme global

Comment des cybermilitants sans nom et sans visage sont-ils passés du pur plaisir de nuire à la défense d’une cause? L’anthropologue Gabriella Coleman enquête en immersion. Le Temps

Published: 21Mar2016