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What is the vision behind this curriculum renewal?
The vision driving this initiative is founded on the strengths of the current program and  on the recommendations found in the McGill Faculty of Medicine Strategic Planning Education Design Group’s “Toward a New Curriculum: Outline of a Strategic Plan for a Revised McGill Medical Undergraduate Curriculum” . For more details about the vision >>

Why a curriculum renewal?
The McGill Faculty of Medicine is widely recognized for the high quality of its educational programs. In order to maintain our stature as Canada’s foremost undergraduate medical program, the MDCM curriculum must continuously evolve  to keep pace with the rapidly changing health science environment in Quebec, Canada and internationally to ensure that students are well-equipped as graduates to make immediate contributions to the needs of today’s society. For more details >>

What are the major changes in the new MDCM program? 
Elements of the new program are described in the Longitudinal Themes section as well as in the subsection for each component, specifically:  Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry; Transition to Clinical PracticeCore and Senior Clerkship;  Physician Apprenticeship remains  part of the new curriculum.

What is the structure of the new MDCM program? 
The new MDCM curriculum schema is available in PDF. More detailed information can be found in the Component subsection>>

What is the process for implementation of the new curriculum renewal project?
The New Curriculum Implementation (NCI) Executive Committee is centrally responsible to ensure that the established MDCM objectives will have all been achieved by the end of the fourth year of medical school. For more details>>

What consultation measures were taken throughout the process to ensure that every department could provide feedback and inform the Executive committee of any relevant concerns relating to the new curriculum?
Since 2009, the New Curriculum Implementation Group members engaged in an ongoing consultation process to ensure Faculty-wide participation in the new curriculum development process. They reached out to the basic science and clinical departments to ensure that each had an opportunity to provide constructive feedback, suggestions or identify any potential concerns. For more details >> If you would like us to organize such a presentation for a particular group, please contact us and let us know the structure and topics you feel most pertinent, as well some possible dates so that we can try to accommodate your needs.
In addition, the NCI Advisory Group, comprised of members from basic science and clinical departments, ensures that all departments and schools remain aware of and contribute to the development and implementation of the new curriculum. For more details>>

What is the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience (LFME)?
The LFME is an innovative new course offered to first year medical students that will provide students with early exposure to primary care and an opportunity for clinical correlation with themes introduced in the classroom.  Students will also have the opportunity to practice history-taking and physical examination skills in a clinical setting. For more information about the course, visit the Family Medicine website send an email to longitudinal [dot] fammed [at] mcgill [dot] ca or call 514-399-9108.

How can I get more involved in the undergraduate educational program?
Representatives of several disciplines created interest groups through which they put forward proposals to the NCI Executive Committee for topics that they felt should be included as content threads throughout the MDCM undergraduate education program. Each proposal was evaluated by the NCI Executive Committee and in several cases integrated into the curriculum. For more details >>

The NCI Executive welcomes input from groups and individuals that have an interest in teaching in our Undergraduate MDCM Program. Please contact Kate Allan, Administrator of the New Undergraduate Curriculum Implementation, if you would like to get involved :  Telephone:  514-398-2615 Fax:  514-398-3595 E-mail: nciadmin [dot] med [at] mcgill [dot] ca.