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Since 2009, the New Curriculum Implementation Group members have been engaged in an ongoing consultation process to ensure Faculty-wide participation in the new curriculum development process. We have reached out to the basic science and clinical departments to ensure that they can all offer constructive feedback, suggestions or inform us of any potential concern. Here is a timeline of meetings that have occurred or that are planned:

Outreach Timeline

We are offering to present to each department in order to facilitate the work of the Department leadership in implementing the new curriculum. There are multiple options for format (e.g. presentation only to leadership from each hospital site vs. Grand Rounds or Town Hall open to all clinicians in the Department). If you would like us to organize such a presentation for a particular group, please maryse [dot] grignon [at] mcgill [dot] ca (contact us) and let us know the structure and topics you feel most pertinent, as well some possible dates so that we can try to accommodate your needs.