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Student Obligations

Students interested in conducting undergraduate research in neuroscience should be willing to commit to the following:
Work on your research project for an appropriate time relevant to the credit weight of the project. For NSCI 410, work in the lab is for at least 9 hours per week over 2 terms. For NSCI 420, work in the lab is for at least 14 hours per week over 2 terms.
Become familiar with the relevant literature, equipment and methodology.
If unable to come to the lab as scheduled, advise the Supervisor in advance and make up lost research time by agreed-upon rescheduling.
Discuss with the Supervisor any problems related to the research project
Inform the Course Coordinator if any problems are not resolved

As well, students are required to:

  • Submit a Research Proposal Abstract 2-3 weeks after the course begins;
  • Submit a Research Progress Abstract half-way through the course;
  • Submit a Final Written Report in the form of a research manuscript towards the end of the course;

All submissions will be by means of Assignment Drop-boxes on myCourses and will have strict deadlines. The penalty for a missed deadline will be 3% per day. The abstracts and the final report also have to be submitted directly to the respective supervisor. The same deadlines apply as for the myCourses submissions. myCourses will also be used to post all course documents and notices. Students may have an opportunity to participate in a poster presentation of their research towards the end of the course.