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Research Courses

Neuroscience students can complete either NSCI 410 or NSCI 420 as part of their "Other Complementary Courses".This course is intended to provide students registered in the B.Sc.Neuroscience Major with an opportunity to experience hands-on laboratory research by pursuing an independent research project under the guidance of an established neuroscientist at McGill University.

Student Obligations

Students interested in conducting undergraduate research in neuroscience should be willing to commit to the following:
Work on your research project for an appropriate time relevant to the credit weight of the project. For NSCI 410, work in the lab is for at least 9 hours per week over 2 terms. For NSCI 420, work in the lab is for at least 14 hours per week over 2 terms.
Become familiar with the relevant literature, equipment and methodology.

General Information

Any professor at McGill University and affiliated hospitals working in the field of neuroscience.
Professor Joseph Dent
Stewart Biology Bldg, Rm N4/7A
Phone: 514-398-3724
Email: joseph [dot] dent [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Joseph Dent)
Ryan Bouma
Dawson Hall, Room 405