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If you are interested in any positions available, do contact elizabeth [dot] looi [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Elizabeth Wong), the Administrative Coordinator or an individual faculty member:


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McGill Vision Research

Welcome to McGill Vision Research!

At McGill Vision Research we have the common aim of understanding how the brain processes visual information and enables us to see. The combined expertise of six faculty members, each with their own autonomously-funded laboratories located within one research centre, makes this a unit with a history of strong collaborative research and a world leader in the field of visual neuroscience. Key areas of research include understanding how the adult brain sees motion, form, depth and colour in the visual scene.

Graduate studies and postdoctoral positions

Postdoctoral fellows

Post doctoral fellows at McGill Vision Research are typically supported by the research grant of the faculty member in whose laboratory they are working, or by an independent post doctoral award. Suitably qualified candidates (PhD obtained or near completion) should contact the supervisor concerned from our faculty list. Post doctoral fellows must be within 5 years of obtaining their PhD to be able to receive Canadian funds.

Undergraduate studies


Summer studentships

Each faculty member may take on undergraduate summer students to work in their laboratory over the summer. These may be funded from the faculty member's research grant, in which case the prospective supervisor should be contacted directly (see faculty list), or funded externally. Some options for external funding are: