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New and returning students will find registration guides for registering and requesting practical instruction below.

Registration Tips for New Students

All newly admitted students should register for at least one course prior to August 14 to avoid late registration penalties. 

You are required to:

  • Take the placement exams
  • Attend the Discovery McGill Day on September 1
  • Attend Advising Sessions with Area Chairs on September 4 (12pm-1pm)
  • Sign up for ensemble auditions. 

Details about these events and sample of first year courses can be found on the Orientation webpage for new students. 

Register in Minerva

Use MINERVA (an online student records management tool) to register for your courses.  Watch the McGill 101 video to learn how to use it.
Register for at least one course before August 14 to avoid late registration fees. For example, register for:

  • MUPD 135 Music as a Profession 1 for Bachelor of Music
  • MUHL 186 Western Musical Traditions for Licentiate in Music

Students admitted in Artist Diploma should contact the studentaffairs [dot] music [at] mcgill [dot] ca (academic advisor) to review their course options.

Placement Exams

All students admitted to the Bachelor of Music or Licentiate in Music programs are required to write placement exams in theory and musicianship before classes begin. Consult the placement exam webpage to obtain the exam schedule and sample tests.

Once you obtain the placement test results from your advising session with Area Chairs, you may register for the assigned level of theory/musicianship courses. 

Practical Instruction

Practical Instructions are also known as private lessons with teachers. These lessons are offered under the MUIN course codes.  MINERVA blocks all MUIN course registration.  The Performance Department assigns the MUIN courses after you submit an online practical instruction request (see form). It is important to register for at least one course so that the Performance Department can then add the MUIN course to your MINERVA student record for you.


You are required to sign up for a large and/or small ensemble(s) while you are taking practical instructions.  Ensemble auditions are required for all students, and audition information can be found on the Ensembles webpages.  Refer to your program page for the list of ensembles you may audition for.  You are responsible to register for the right ensemble section once you learn of your ensemble assignment.  Results of the ensemble auditions are posted on the bulletin boards on the 2nd floor of the Strathcona Music Building.

Sample 1st Year Course Lists

Visit your program page for an overview of typical 1st year undergraduate course lists.


All Music returning students should register for the new academic year's Fall and Winter courses in April. Most courses have limited enrollment and fill up quickly.

  • Late registration fees will be charged if you do not register for at least one course by August 14. You can still change your courses at no charge before the add/drop deadline. Visit McGill's Student Accounts website for more information about registration fees.
  • You can select one elective course per term as a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) option. An S/U course impacts scholarship eligibility.

Visit Academic Resources for more information about S/U courses, add/drop and late withdrawals.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music, the Licentiate in Music or the Artist Diploma are not permitted to register for MUAR courses.  MUAR courses cannot be used as credits towards the Schulich School of Music's programs.


Registration opening dates 2015-2016:

  • Students Entering U3: April 7, 2015
  • Students Entering U2: April 8, 2015
  • All Other Students: April 9, 2015
  • Late Registration Begins: August 15, 2015


How To Register

Students must register via Minerva.

Minerva is a useful tool which you may view the class schedule, register, apply for graduation, update personal information, etc.  Detail program and academic information can be found on the eCalendar

Visit McGill's Important Dates website for more information on key academic dates relating to add/drop deadline, semester start/end date and examination period.


Practical Instruction Overview

All undergraduate students registered in a program at the Schulich School of Music will be assigned a teacher for instrumental lessons and/or voice coaching.  Lessons and voice coaching at the Schulich School of Music are known as "practical instruction".  You are required to submit a practical instruction request form online by May 15th for returning students and June 1st for newly admitted students. The Department of Performance will review your online requests and add the appropriate MUIN practical instruction course(s) on your behalf. 

Years of lesson entitlement by program and tuition fees for individual practical instruction can be found in the McGill eCalendar.

Note:  Composition Tutorials are administered by the Composition Area.  Students are contacted by the Area Chair of Composition and asked to submit teacher preferences.  Upon receipt of all submissions, the Area Chair together with the Composition Area will proceed to coordinate teacher assignments.


Deadline to submit Online Practical Instruction Request

  • May 15th, 2015 for returning students
  • June 1st, 2015 for newly admitted students.

A $50 late fee will be charged if the request is received after the deadline.

Late requests should still be submitted as they are required for registration.

Practical Instruction Assignment

Follow these steps:

  1. Submit an Online Practical Instruction Request Form.  Late requests should still be submitted as they are required for teaching assignment purposes.
  2. Your request must come from your official McGill e-mail address. ( [dot] [dot] [dot] [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca)
  3. Indicate your three teacher choices in ascending order.  The list of teaching staff is available on this online request form to help with your selection.  All students must study with teachers on staff at the Schulich School of Music.  Please note that we cannot guarantee your first choice of teacher.  If you have no preference, select "No Teacher Preference" in box for 1st choice.
  4. Select the number of terms of lessons you are requesting.  First-year students usually select both fall and winter terms since teacher assignments are done for the academic year.  Returning students who wish to be assigned different teachers for fall and winter semesters must submit two online requests separately.
  5. Check your information carefully prior to submitting your request.  If changes are needed after your request has been submitted, e-mail: teacherpreference [at] music [dot] mcgill [dot] ca
  6. The Department of Performance will review your online requests and register you for the appropriate practical instruction MUIN course number by the first week of September.  The practical instruction assignment will be reflected on your MINERVA Student Records. Each teacher is assigned a specific MUIN section number.  You may view your teacher assignment in the MINERVA Student Menu. (Click on Registration Menu, then Step 4: View Student Schedule by Course Section).
  7. Discrepancies should be reported to teacherpreference [at] music [dot] mcgill [dot] ca