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Lasse Thoresen, Daniel Langlois Foundation Composer, Researcher and Lecturer

LASSE THORESEN, Daniel Langlois Foundation Composer, Researcher Lecturer

Activities at Schulich - March 24-28, 2014

Lasse Thoresen will be in town again next week as part of his Daniel Langlois Foundation Residency (2013-2015).

Those who have taken his Seminar on AURAL SONOLOGY in the Fall will remember his exceptional expertise in the field of Music Perception and Cognition as well as his deep understanding of communication through music as amply demonstrated in his teaching and his very rich catalog of compositions.

From March 2014 through April 2015 Lasse Thoresen will not only present his research done in the context of the CONCRESCENCE project but also will give workshops, lectures and supervise new compositions developed at Schulich in this context.

MICROTONAL WORKSHOPS (Concrescence) March 24–March 27, 16:30-19:30)

Five composers (Chris Goddard, Fredrik Gran, Dominique Lafortune, Duncan Schouten, Vahram Sargsyan) have been selected to compose a new work for an ensemble using up to 4 solo voices (s-a-t-b), a string quartet and a keyboard (microtonal synthesizer) to be performed in April 2015 under Guillaume Bourgogne as part of the planned Microtonal symposium. The project will be described and initiated in a series of Workshops given by Lasse Thoresen on the following days. All composers will participate as well as some of the selected singers.

Lasse Thoresen will present the Concrescence Project and propose different approaches to work with microtonality. Participants will be introduced to the DOSIM/CONCRESCENCE software enabling a very realistic rendition of the compositions and sketches.


While the workshops are specifically designed for the participating composers and performers, all Schulich students and staff are welcome to attend!


Monday, March 24               16:30-19:30 (length flexible), Seminar Room A-410

Tuesday, March 25               16:30-19:30 (length flexible), Seminar Room A-410

Wednesday, March 26          16:30-19:30 (length flexible), Seminar Room A-410

Thursday, March 27             16:30-19:30 (length flexible), Seminar Room A-412


(kindly confirm your attendance to denys [dot] bouliane [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Prof. Denys Bouliane))


COMPOSITION MASTERCLASS (Tuesday, March 25, 10:00-13:30 / Room 832)

Lasse Thoresen will discuss the works of graduate composers Brice Gatinet, Chris Goddard, Duncan Schouten and Charles Zoll.

A recording of each work discussed will be played.

All Schulich students and staff are welcome to attend!