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Department of Music Research


The Music Research Department offers B.Mus. programs in Composition, Music Education, Music History, Music Theory and Music Technology as well as a more general Faculty Program. For students who wish to pursue a liberal arts education, the Department also administers the B.A. with a Major Concentration in Music (admission through the Faculty of Arts). These undergraduate degrees open up career possibilities in fields as diverse as teaching music in primary and secondary schools, music journalism, arts administration, sound recording, professional research into music and music software design. Moreover, the B.Mus. and B.A. programs allow development of analytical and verbal skills that serve well in other disciplines. Many graduates of the Faculty have gone on to successful studies and careers in such fields as law, management, and medicine.

The Departmental roster includes some of the leading teacher/scholars in North America. It is the philosophy of the Schulich School of Music that all students should receive a substantial proportion of their instruction from full-time professorial staff rather than from teaching assistants. This holds true for core courses that are taken by all students in the Faculty: the innovative Musicianship Program and a Theory and Analysis sequence that provides training rivaled by few music schools on our continent.

The Music Research Department also organizes many public lectures every year and has sponsored such conventions as the 1993 Annual Meetings of the American Musicological Society and the Society for Music Theory as well as the 1991 International Computer Music Conference. Recent guest speakers invited by the Department in cooperation with the Beatty Memorial Lectures of the University included Pierre Boulez and the late Witold Lutowslawski.