Artist Diploma (Graduate)

Program Overview

The Graduate Artist Diploma is the uppermost diploma offered at the Schulich School of Music. 

This program is tailored for artist performers wishing to achieve the highest level of artistry in their craft through intensive coaching, practicing, and performance projects. Candidates are preparing for stage careers as soloists and orchestral musicians, opera singers, collaborative pianists, and chamber ensembles.  

It is a year-long program, with flexible requirements and a range of performance project options relevant to the diverse opportunities of the modern artist (chamber, recording, creative collaborations, etc.).

Students who hold a master’s or doctoral degree can be admitted directly into this diploma. Others can be admitted after completing the Graduate Diploma in Performance (GDP) program or equivalent. It is possible to apply for a combined two-year Graduate Diploma in Performance / Graduate Artist Diploma program. If this is your goal, apply directly to the Artist Diploma program and request this in your application.