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Voice AreaVoice students at McGill choose from a variety of degree and performance diploma program options, which are available to them either in specific or in overlapping areas of specialization, including concert repertoire, early music, opera, oratorio and recital. World-class vocal pedagogues, repertoire coaches, linguists, theorists, musicologists and experts in countless other related fields work together diligently to create a positive and nurturing atmosphere in which students are inspired to discover their strengths, to develop their artistry and to hone their craft — always with an eye toward building careers in professional singing.

Thorough and comprehensive training in musicianship, vocal technical proficiency, musical and dramatic expressiveness, and idiomatic lyric diction allows students to attain their goals, to expand their horizons, to acquire personal confidence and to develop professional integrity. McGill singers are consistently selected for participation in innumerable professional young artist training programs, as recipients of major study or career development grants, and as winners of highly prestigious national and international competitions.

In addition to the requisite recitals and master classes, students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the great diversity of solo performance opportunities available to them through participation in Opera, Early Music Ensembles, Song Interpretation, a comprehensive Choral Program, the annual McGill Concerto Competition, as well as suitable outside venues.

Vocal Area Chair:
Valerie Kinslow

Stefano Algieri, B.Mus., M.Mus.(Manhattan)
Dominique Labelle
Aline Kutan
Joanne Kolomyjec, B.Mus.(U.Toronto), Opera Dip.(U.Toronto)
Valerie Kinslow, B.A.(McG.)
Annamaria Popescu
Winston Purdy, B.Mus.(McG.), M.Mus.(Eastman)
Thérèse Sevadjian, B.Mus., M.Mus.(Montr.)
Sanford Sylvan, B.Mus. (Manhattan School of Music)


Patrick Hansen, B.Mus. (Simpson College), M.Mus. (U. of Missouri)

Voice Coaching:
Esther Gonthier
Michael McMahon, B.Mus.(McG.), Graduate Hochschule für Musik(Vienna)

Voice Répétiteurs:
Louise Diamond
Olivier Godin
Pierre McLean
Dana Nigrim
Louise Pelletier