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Competitive Admission Process

Admission decisions are based on your audition, academic record, music evaluation (see below), as well as performance in pre-requisite courses, depending on the program. All required marks are taken into consideration in determining admission, including those for failed or repeated courses.

Admission to McGill University is competitive and students who present the minimum requirements are not guaranteed acceptance.

Admission decisions are frequently based on official interim academic results available at the time of review. If admitted, you are expected to maintain your level of academic performance through to the completion of your pre-McGill studies. Due to constraints of space and timing, it is not possible to consider applicants on the basis of repeated or supplemental course work completed after the normal file review period. In addition, applicants cannot appeal admission decisions based on screening material or recorded or live auditions. Admission is always subject to the availability of places in a particular program.


Academic Requirements:

Applicants must fulfill specific admission requirements according to educational background.  

Proof of English Proficiency


2015 Audition Requirements:

Entrance Auditions: February 28 to March 8, 2015, for admission and Music Entrance Scholarships.


Non-performance recommended level

Performance recommended level

McGill Conservatory

Collegial I

Collegial II

Vincent d'Indy

Lauréat I

Lauréat II


Cycle II 1ère partie

Cycle II 2ième partie




Toronto Conservatory

Grade IX

Grade X


Other Requirements:

All applicants must fill out a Statement of Intent (reasons for applying to the Schulich School of Music.) This is included in the web application. When applying you can type or copy and paste your statement into the provided area on the application. There is no set format. The statement can be between one paragraph and one page in length.

Music Evaluation Form
Please have an instructor/teacher fill out the music evaluation form - Music Evaluation Form
Form also available in French here. Note: the form must be filled out and submitted directly by the teacher/instructor in order to be official.

For Composition Please send at least 2 or 3 of your compositions (written score). Recordings of those compositions are also welcomed (mp3). You can also provide other “composition-related” works like advanced harmony exercises, arrangements, orchestrations or papers written about composition (analysis, presentations, etc.) We encourage you to provide a short statement of interest on the application.

For Music Education applicants: Letter of reference attesting to suitability for teaching (music-education related).

For non-degree applicants who are applying to complete one year of undergraduate Sound Recording prerequisites, in addition to filling out the online application, applicants are encouraged (if available) to submit sound recording demos with written descriptions. These can be uploaded to the music upload page. Letters of recommendation are not required. For a list of the prerequisite courses please consult the sound recording webpage