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Audition Schedule 2015 - By Instrument:
Brass | Early Music/Harpsicord | Guitar  | Harp | Jazz | OrganPercussion | Piano | Strings | Voice | Woodwinds


Each year the Schulich School of Music hosts over 750 applicants who make the trip to Montreal to audition on our designated auditions days.  The audition days are designed so that you can get as much information about McGill during your visit, while simultaneously allowing us to gather important information from you about your eligibility for your intended program.

Schedule - September 2015 Entrance Auditions

Auditions will be held from Saturday, February 28 to Sunday, March 8, 2015.

undefined All applicants in female voices and in all jazz instruments will be required to submit an audio recording for pre-selection by January 15. Following a review of these recordings, selected applicants will be invited to attend a live audition. Should you choose to send a recorded audition (due to distance constraints), it must be received no later than February 1, 2015.

undefined No live auditions will be scheduled in female voices or in any jazz instrument until a screening audio recording has been received and reviewed.

undefined To all non-Canadians who will be travelling to our school for auditions, lessons, or visiting: when entering Canada please ensure you have required travelling documents (for example: a valid passport) to present to Canadian Customs officials.

BY INSTRUMENT: Click on instrument title to display dates.

Notification specifying the exact date, time and location of the individual audition, as well as accompanist information, will be sent by email and regular mail and vieweable on Minerva.

If you are from outside Quebec and are unable to come to Montreal, you are required to submit an audition recording for evaluation before the audition period (video is required.)


French Horn: TBA

Trumpet: TBA

Trombone: TBA

Tuba/Euphonium: TBA

Early Music/Harpsichord







No live auditions will be scheduled in any jazz instrument until a screening audio recording has been received and reviewed.

Jazz Bass: 


Jazz Drums:


Jazz Guitar: 


Jazz Piano: 


Jazz Saxophone or Jazz Flute:


Jazz Trombone:


Jazz Trumpet:


Jazz Voice: 









Candidates for the Lloyd Carr-Harris String Scholarships should prepare an hour of repertoire, including the repertoire indicated in the audition requirements, and the concerto must be a complete major concerto. Candidates for strings scholarships must be prepared to stay for a second round of auditions which will take place on the last evening of the audition process for Strings.

Violin: TBA

Viola: TBA

Cello: TBA

Double Bass: TBA

Strings scholarship finals: TBA



No live auditions will be scheduled in female voices until a screening audio recording has been received and reviewed.

Voice: TBA

Early Music Voice: TBA


Bassoon: TBA 

Clarinet: TBA

Flute: TBA

Oboe: TBA

Saxophone: TBA


The Schulich School of Music will provide an accompanist free of charge for the audition time only. Rehearsal costs are the responsibility of the applicant and vary depending on the accompanist. However, applicants may bring their own accompanists, if they wish, at their own expense. Contact information (phone number, email address) for your accompanist will be provided with the written audition notice. Please contact your accompanist at least 48 hours in advance. Jazz applicants will be provided with a rhythm section free of charge for the audition time only. Rehearsal with the jazz rhythm section prior to the audition is not possible.   

During the audition period, rooms will be available from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. Practice rooms are located in the East Wing of the Strathcona Music Building. Applicants can also warm up in these rooms.

McGill's downtown campus is located in the heart of cosmopolitan Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada. Information on how to get here can be found at Travel to Montreal.  McGill University has agreements with several hotels within walking distance of the campus. More detailed listings can be found at McGill official hotels.

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