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Graduate Placement Exams

All students beginning graduate studies in the following areas are required to take placement examinations in order to determine that their academic preparation in Music is sufficient:

  • Composition
  • Music Education
  • Music Technology
  • Theory

On the basis of the results of these examinations, incoming students may be required to take certain remedial courses in Music History and Theory and, depending on their area of specialization, other undergraduate preparatory courses as well.  All of these then form an additional part of the students’ program of study.   Applicants to Music Education must submit copies of calendar course descriptions for all History courses taken elsewhere than at McGill.   Students who are notified of their acceptance into graduate studies in Music are encouraged to prepare for the placement examinations by perusing the following general descriptions of the examinations.  After a decision has been made on your admissibility to the graduate program and upon your acceptance of our offer of admission, these placement exam descriptions will be sent to you.  The placement exams will be sent to you approximately one month after this date.  You will have three weeks to complete and return them.  You are not required to have an invigilator, but are expected to write these examinations unaided, without the use of text books and within the allocated time for each question. A list of books useful in preparation for the examinations can be found at the end of each document.