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Audition Information

Graduate Audition Schedule: January to March 2014

Entrance Auditions (MMus, Graduate Diploma in Professional Performance  (GDPP), and DMus only)

- If you are unable to be present at a MMus audition, you are required to submit a recorded video audition. 

- All applicants in Female Voice: No live audition will be scheduled unless you are invited, following the evaluation of your "screening recordings" which must be received by December 15.

- All Conducting, D.Mus. and Graduate Professional Diploma applicants: No live audition will be scheduled unless you are invited, following the evaluation of your "video recordings" which must be received by December 15. All DMus, GDPP and conducting applicants are required to attend a live audition if selected following a review of screening material and file. A recorded audition will not be accepted. 

- Applicants who are currently McGill students and completing a music degree are not required to submit screening material. Please note that all McGill music students who graduated more than one year ago will be required to submit screening material.

- To all non Canadians who will be travelling to our school for auditions, lessons, or visiting: when entering Canada please ensure you have required travelling documents (for example a valid passport) to present to Canadian Customs officials.

DIRECTIONS: Click here for our google map location. 

NOTE to CGS MASTER’S APPLICANTS FOR ENTRANCE IN SEPTEMBER 2014:  Applicants who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada and applying to the CGS Master’s Competition must submit their admissions application no later than Monday, December 22013.  Performance applicants are required to audition on Saturday, January 25, 2013 (If you are unable to be present at the indicated date, you are required to submit a DVD audition).  All applicants in conducting and female voices (except for current McGill music students) will be required to submit recordings for pre-selection by December 2, 2013 to the Music Admissions Office; selected applicants will be invited to attend a live audition.  For complete entrance audition requirements, please see the Music Admission website at:  http://www.mcgill.ca/music/future-students/graduate/audition-requirements.

 For complete information on applying for the CGS Master’s Competition, please review the information on the following webpage.  The deadline to apply for the CGS Master’s Competition is December 2, 2013 before 4:00 p.m.  Documents and questions about the CGS Master’s Competition can be directed to the Graduate Studies Office, Helene Drouin (helene [dot] drouin [at] mcgill [dot] ca) or 514-398-4469.

DMus and GDPP Auditions

All DMus and GDPP auditions will be taking place between February 7 (Fri.) and February 9 (Sun.) 

MMus Audition Schedule (By Instrument)

French Horn:
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.)                                       
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.)   
Trombone:  February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.)
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.)


Early Music Instruments:

 February 15 (Sat.)


 February 15 (Sat.) 


 March 4 (Tues.)

 February 15 (Sat.)

 February 15 (Sat.) to February 16 (Sun.)

 February 15 (Sat.) to February 16 (Sun.)

 February 8 (Sat.) 

Collaborative Piano:  February 1 (Sat.)
 March 1 (Sat.) and March 2 (Sun.)


String Scholarship Finals

 March 3 (Mon.)

 March 1 (Sat.) to March 3 (Mon.)       
Viola:  March 2 (Sun.) and March 3 (Mon.)         
 March 2 (Sun.) and March 3 (Mon.)   
Double Bass:
 March 2 (Sun.)  
Voice (Opera & Solo option):
 January 31 (Fri.) to February 2 (Sun.)
Early Music Voice:
 February 2 (Sun.)
Vocal Coach/Opera Coach:
 February 1 (Sat.)
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.) 
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.) 
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.) 
Oboe:  February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.) 
 February 15 (Sat.) and February 16 (Sun.) 
M.Mus. Orchestral Conducting:
 March 13 (Mon.)   
M.Mus. Wind Band Conducting:
 March 17 (Thurs.)

The Schulich School of Music will provide an accompanist free of charge for the audition time only. Rehearsal costs are the responsibility of the applicant and vary depending on the accompanist. However, applicants may bring their own accompanists, if they wish, at their own expense. Contact information (phone number, email address) for your accompanist will be provided with the written audition notice. Please contact your accompanist at least 48 hours in advance. Jazz applicants will be provided with a rhythm section free of charge for the audition time only. Rehearsal with the jazz rhythm section prior to the audition is not possible.  

During the audition period, rooms will be available from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. Practice rooms are located in the East Wing of the Strathcona Music Building. Applicants can also warm up in these rooms.

McGill's downtown campus is located in the heart of cosmopolitan Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada. Information on how to get here can be found at Travel to Montreal.  McGill University has agreements with several hotels within walking distance of the campus. More detailed listings can be found at McGill official hotels.

DIRECTIONS: Click here for our google map location.