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Teaching Awards Recipients 2013

Congratulations to recipients of the 2012-2013 Schulich School of Music Teaching Awards!

The Schulich School of Music Teaching Award recognizes excellence, commitment and innovation in teaching, and the importance of these qualities in the academic experience of students at McGill.

We are very proud of the dedication shown by this year’s awardees and, with our students, look forward to celebrating their success during our Music Convocation Ceremony on May 31, 2013 at 2 p.m. 


Schulich School of Music Teaching Award 2013 Recipient -  Richard King
RICHARD KING, Associate Professor in Sound Recording

I was stunned by his immediate investment in, and dedication to, both the project and my achievement as a doctoral student. It was manifest from the start of the relationship that the successful completion of my degree was truly a common goal.
-Timothy Ryan, alumnus, Sound Recording


Schulich School of Music Teaching Award 2013 Recipient -  Shawn Mativetsky
SHAWN MATIVETSKY, Instructor in Percussion

 Shawn encourages us all to attend many Indian inspired concerts and recently brought the McGill Tabla Ensemble to perform at a McGill Indian Student Association tribute concert to Indian music.  These experiences outside the classroom are vital to my education and are due to Shawn Mativetsky.
-Zachary Hale, student, Percussion

Schulich School of Music Teaching Award 2013 Recipient -  Brett Leonard
BRETT LEONARD, Graduate student Instructor in Sound Recording

His dedication to the Introduction to Recording class goes far and above what should be expected of any instructor. As most of our recording sessions take place outside of normal school hours, he makes himself available to help solve the many problems that arise in the studio at almost any hour of the day (or night). My own experience with Mr. Leonard has been an excellent one and I feel I owe him a lot for the recent successes that I've achieved.
-Stuart Bremner, student, Sound Recording