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    Biography: Montreal-based composer Justin Mariner has been commissioned to write pieces for numerous groups including the Via Salzburg Chamber Orchestra, the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal and the Société de musique contemporaine du Québec. His works have...
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  • Biography: As a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins University, he left in disappointment and has never looked back.  He joined McGill faculty as an adjunct professor in 1996, and in the fall of 2010 has joined the faculty full-...
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  • Biography: A native of Montreal, Shawn Mativetsky is a percussionist and educator, recognized as a contemporary tabla specialist. He performs regularly in a variety of settings, including Western classical and contemporary/new music, Indian classical music,...
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  • Canada Research Chair, Professor - Department of Music Research, Music Perception & Cognition Laboratory (MPCL), Director, Real-Time Multimodal Laboratory(RTML), Director

    Biography: Stephen McAdams studied music composition and theory with Julia Hansen at De Anza College in California before entering the realm of perceptual psychology (BSc in Psychology, McGill University, 1977; PhD in Hearing and Speech Sciences, Stanford...
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    Biography: Jean-Paul C. Montagnier (http://monsite.orange.fr/jpmontagnier ) studied at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris before completing a PhD at Duke University (1994). He is currently Professor of musicology at the University of...