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  • James McGill Professor

    Biography: William Caplin completed undergraduate studies in composition at the University of Southern California and graduate studies in the history and theory of music at the University of Chicago (working with Leonard B. Meyer, Edward E. Lowinsky,...
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    tuba, euphonium

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  • Professor - Department of Music Research

    Biography: anadian composer Brian Cherney (b.1942) studied composition with Samuel Dolin at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and with John Weinzweig at the University of Toronto and received graduate degrees from the University of Toronto in both...

    MMus University of Toronto, Composition
    PhD University of Toronto, Musicology

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  • Dr.

    Biography: Isabelle Cossette’s qualifications (flute performance degrees & postdoctoral studies on respiratory mechanics) and research interests (respiratory mechanics, music performance enhancement, biomechanics & instrumental pedagogy) as well as her...
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  • Associate Dean, Research and Administration, Associate Professor - Department of Music Research

    Biography: Julie E. Cumming received her B.A. in Music and Medieval Studies at Barnard College, Columbia University (1980), and her M.A. (1982) and Ph.D (1987) in Music and Medieval Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. She...
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