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Commercial recordings - the Multimedia Room


About the Music Multimedia Room (MMR)


The Multimedia Room (MMR), three isolation booths, a small recording studio, and three control rooms of different sizes constitute the Multimedia Complex (Suite).

The Multimedia Complex (Suite) located on the -2 level of the New Music Building of the Schulich School of Music is a shared, multi-functional resource for the school. It is primarily intended to support activities for which its unique design and specialized equipment are required. These activities include but are not limited to the following:

-Teaching/ Professional Training

-Research projects


-Commercial recordings


-Miscellaneous: media productions, demonstrations, workshops

The Multimedia Room and its large control room (No. 1) are available for activities such as audio recording, as well as video and movie production. However, their availability to other McGill departments and faculties as well as to external clients is limited.  Interested parties should inquire through the Office of Concerts and Publicity, Schulich School of Music.

 The usage of control rooms 2 and 3 is limited to the Schulich School of Music.


The Multimedia Complex (Suite) is under the management of the Dean of the Schulich School of Music or his delegate.  Responsibility for Multimedia Room bookings rests with the Office of Concerts and Publicity.


For Schulich School of Music activities, the seating capacity of the Multimedia Room is limited to 100 people.  Permission of the McGill University Fire Marshall is required for occupancy exceeding 100.

For public performances, the seating capacity of the Multimedia Room will be determined by the McGill University Fire Marshall on a per event basis.


Director of Concerts and Publicity
c/o Production Supervisor

Schulich School of Music
McGill University
555 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC   H3A 1E3

production [dot] music [at] mcgill [dot] ca

(514) 398-8993



(subject to change without notice)
    Multimedia Room
  • space of 56 * 75 ft, height of ca 50 ft, 40 ft to catwalk, surrounded by adjustable curtains on four walls
  • 24  15 amp outlets for sound
  • 6   15 amp outlets for regular usage
  • 3 DMX
  • 6 quartz  spots
  • 4 plastic and 59 cushioned chairs
  • 64 regular music stands and 1 conductor’s music stand
  • 1 conductor’s podium
  • 9 choir risers
  • 9 stage risers size 4 * 8 feet, adjustable to height of 8, 16 or 24 inches
  • 1 grand piano (for rehearsal only)
  • 1 Yamaha Disclavier

Control Room No. 1 

List available upon request




Multimedia Room

-  1 professional stage manager, rigging certified (graduate from a theatre school)

-  1 assistant stage manager, rigging certified (graduate from either a theatre school or a music school)

-  supplemental stage hands, according to production needs

-  ushers, according to the public event

Control Room No. 1

-  1 assistant engineer or engineer, fully conversant with the recording system

-  1 audio assistant/recordist

-  supplemental technical support depending on production needs


Priority is given to Schulich School of Music projects and activities.

Requests must be submitted in writing to the Director, Concerts and Publicity. Should the project be for less than three consecutive days, the requestor will receive a reply within 48 hours, pending the availability of the Multimedia Room and/or Control Room No. 1.

 Any project requiring more than three consecutive days will be submitted to a Committee chaired by the Associate Dean (Administration).

 Students wishing to use the Multimedia Room must receive the written approval of their advisor and/or their Area Chair before submitting their project proposal to the Director, Concerts and Publicity.



- Available upon request from production [dot] music [at] mcgill [dot] ca