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Use MINERVA (an online student records management tool) to register for your courses.  Watch the McGill 101 video to learn how to use it.
Register for at least one course before August 14 to avoid late registration fees. For example, register for:

  • MUPD 135 Music as a Profession 1 for Bachelor of Music
  • MUHL 186 Western Musical Traditions for Licentiate in Music

Students admitted in Artist Diploma should contact the studentaffairs [dot] music [at] mcgill [dot] ca (academic advisor) to review course options.

Placement Exams

All students admitted to the Bachelor of Music or Licentiate in Music programs are required to write placement exams in theory and musicianship before classes begin. Consult the placement exam website to obtain the exam schedule and sample tests.

Once you obtain the placement test results from your Advising Session with Area Chairs, you may register for the assigned level of theory/musicianship courses. 

Practical Instruction

Practical Instructions are also known as private lessons with teachers. These lessons are offered under the MUIN course codes.  MINERVA blocks all MUIN course registration.  The Performance Department assigns the MUIN courses after you submit an online practical instruction request. It is important to register for at least one course so that the Performance Department can then add the MUIN course to your MINERVA student record for you.


You are required to sign up for a large and/or small ensemble(s) while you are taking practical instructions.  Ensemble auditions are required for all students.  Refer to the program description on the eCalendar or the sample first-year course list for the list of ensembles you may audition for.  You are responsible to register for the right ensemble section once you learn of your ensemble assignment.  Results of the ensemble auditions are posted on the bulletin boards on the 2nd floor of the Strathcona Music Building.
Ensemble Auditions 
Ensemble Policies

Sample 1st Year Course Lists

Below are sample course lists which typical first year students take in Bachelor of Music: