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Musician's Health

 Musician's Health

Each year, the Performance Department of the Schulich School of Music and the Music Undergraduate Student Association (MUSA) jointly sponsor a series of lecture-demonstrations and clinics entitled the Musicians' Health Seminars.

These seminars are intended to increase awareness of issues of health and well-being among performers that will provide introductory sessions on:

  • techniques and strategies to avoid injury and over-use syndrome,
  • treatments available for physical injuries such as tendonitis,
  • the psychology of performance anxiety and coping with stress.

We present lectures and workshops with specialists in the many different types and techniques of relaxation, exercise, and good posture as it relates to the way musicians hold their instruments. We will also invite guests who specialize in coping with the stress, both physical and psychological, implicit in pursuing a career in the performing arts. One of our primary goals is to educate students on the necessity of developing their own strategy of prevention of physical problems. We also wish to sensitize students who are experiencing pain to the importance of seeking out specialist advice and to avoid an over-reliance on medication as a basis of treatment.

As a result of the presentation of these seminars, we have now established links with the McGill Sports Medicine Clinic, McGill Mental Health Services, and specialists both in the Montreal community and beyond to further increase the awareness of the resources available to students experiencing problems and the necessity of developing strategies to avoid problems in the first place.