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Piano Auditions

Piano Auditions

All new/first-year piano students are required to successfully complete Piano Ensemble 1 prior to taking any of the other auditions for piano ensemble work.

Mixed Ensemble Auditions

The Mixed Ensemble Audition covers the following ensembles:

  • McGill Symphony Orchestra & Sinfonietta (MUEN 597)
  • CME (Contemporary Music Ensemble) (MUEN 594)
  • Wind Symphony (MUEN 590)
  • Sonata Masterclass (MUEN 585)
  • Studio Accompanying (MUEN 584/684)
  • Chamber Music (Small ensembles ie: piano trio, piano quartet) (MUEN 560) *If you are planning in participating in a chamber music ensemble, please use the sidebar to navigate to "Instrumental Auditions" and click on the Small Ensemble Auditions tab for information about the Chamber Music meeting.

Audition Instructions:

  • Sign up for the audition on the appropriate sheet across from Clara Lichtenstein Hall (C209)- posted one week prior to the auditions.
  • Learn the Quick Study Piece.
  • Successful completion of Piano Ensemble 1 (pre-requisite).

Additional Information:

  • Any student that already has an established agreement with an instructor of a studio that they will accompany for Studio Accompanying (MUEN 584/586) must have the instructor confirm this with Prof. Hashimoto directly.
  • Concentration and Arts students may take this audition IF they have taken and completed Piano Ensemble 1 and will only be allowed to participate in the large ensembles (Orchestras, CME, Wind Symphony).
  • There will be NO auditions in January; students wanting to participate in the Winter semester MUST take the audition this term.

Audition Material:

  • Quick study piece (Download the piece here). This work is also posted outside room C416, and on reserve on the 4th floor of the Marvin Duchow Music Library.
  • A selection of your choice from the solo piano repertoire; minimum of 5 minutes in duration.

Audition Time/Date:

  • Date: Sept. 5, 2014
  • Time: See sign up sheets posted across from Clara Lichtenstein Hall (C209) posted one week prior to the auditions.
  • Audition Location: C416

Questions? kyoko [dot] hashimoto [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Contact Prof. Hashimoto by email) or, by phone: 514-398-4535 ext.00264

Song Interpretation Auditions


Audition Instructions:

Sign up for an audition time and arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your time.

Audition Material:

  • Pianists: 1 Romantic work, up to 7 minutes in length
  • Vocalists: 2 songs- 1 German and 1 of your choosing.

Audition Time/Date: TBA *See sign up sheets across from Clara Lichtenstein Hall for individual times

Audition Location: Strathcona Music Building, Clara Lichtenstein Hall, C209

This ensemble is not open to non-music students.