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Instrumental Auditions

Orchestral Instrument Auditions for Large Ensembles

The Large Ensemble Audition covers the following ensembles:

McGill Symphony Orchestra (MUEN 597, sect 001)

CME (Contemporary Music Ensemble) (MUEN 594)

McGill Wind Symphony (MUEN 590)

Audition Instructions:

In order to take the audition you must do the following:

Learn the excerpts for your instrument

In order to participate in these ensembles you must take the audition, be placed in an ensemble and then register for the ensemble on Minerva. * These ensembles are open to Non-Music students *

Audition Material: TBA

** Note for the solos (Concertos/Études) - the music is NOT provided for these works **

Audition Time/Date:
Dates: TBA
Times: Individual audition times are not given, students should show up to the room assigned for their instrument at the time on the schedule and a playing order will be established at that point.
Audition Location: Strathcona Music Building and New Music Building


All orchestral instrumental students are required to do an assigned small ensemble in addition to a large ensemble during every term of enrolment. Assignments for small ensembles (chamber music) are based upon the results of the same audition for the Large Ensembles program. Students may request to be placed together in an ensemble by filling out the Ensemble Request Form available at the large ensemble auditions and on the Chamber Music Board outside C515.

There will be a general information meeting during the first week of classes. Procedures will be explained, questions answered and initiatives announced. All are welcome to attend and it is highly recommended for 1st year students.

* These ensembles are open to Non-Music students * but due to limited space in these ensembles there will not be many, if any, spots open for Non-Music students.

Early Music Ensemble (EME) MUEN 580- Instrumental and BAROQUE ORCHESTRA- MUEN 573

Audition Instructions:

Sign up for the audition on the appropriate sheet across from Clara Lichtenstein Hall (C209).

* These ensembles are open to Non-Music students *

Audition Material:

Prepare one selection from the Baroque period or earlier.

* bring your own accompanist, piano and harpsichord available.

Sight Reading may be given.

Audition Time/Date:

Date: TBA

Time: See sign up sheets posted across from Clara Lichtenstein Hall (C209).

Audition Location: Strathcona Music Building, C413