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Current Students: For all information pertaining to Large Ensembles, including assignment information and schedules, please visit http://sites.music.mcgill.ca/ensembles

Ensembles at the Schulich School of Music

Here at the Schulich School of Music there are many ensembles offered each semester of the regular school year (Fall and Winter semesters).

For a full listing of ensembles please refer to Minerva.

Ensembles: Small and Large

A large ensemble course has a prefix of MUEN and is worth 2 credits.

** All students enrolled in the Schulich School of Music (full or part-time) must be registered for a large ensemble EACH semester. Failure to do so can result in a delay of graduation.

A small ensemble course has a prefix of MUEN and is worth 1 credit.

In order to know what ensembles are appropriate for your specific program consult the Course Calendar for all McGill students. Your academic adviser can also help you with this. To speak with an advisor contact the StudentAffairs [dot] music [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Student Affairs Department).

Not a Schulich School of Music student?

Not a Schulich School of Music student, but studying at McGill and want to take an ensemble course? All students at McGill are eligible to audition for most ensembles (see Auditions page for restrictions), but admission into them are up to the Schulich School of Music faculty. Grades for ensemble classes are largely based on attendance and punctuality, no exceptions.

Not a McGill student but would like to participate in an ensemble? McGill University does not permit non McGill students to participate in courses, but through the McGill Conservatory you can get information about ensembles that are available for members of the community.

Rebecca Woodmass, Ensemble Resource Manager

ensembles [at] music [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Email the Ensemble Resource Manager)


Office: E-110 (Ground floor, below the practice rooms)