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Recording Project Competition 2013-2014

This competition is open to all students enrolled in the Master of Music in Performance Program (particularly those who wish to complete the course MUPG 605 Recording Project as one of their recital options), doctoral students and GPPD students.  Value of award $1000.   It is recommended that students team up with McGill Sound Recording students. Interested students should submit detailed proposals to the Music Graduate Office by February 21, 2014.  The proposal should include a description of the artistic theme or vision of the recording, the repertoire through which that vision will be realized, an updated CV of recent performances, and two letters of reference.  Applications will be assessed on the originality and artistic vision of the suggested project, the student's performance achievements, and their potential to achieve the proposed program at a high level. Winners will be announced at the Graduate Symposium on March 22, 2014.

Winners for 2013-2014:

Gili Loftus (Piano) and Christian Smith (Percussion).

Past winners:

2012-2013 Erik Hove (Jazz Performance) Denis Martin (Sound Engineer).

2011-2012:  Elinor Frey (Cello) and Mana Shiraishi (Violin).